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US Sheep & Goat Slaughter

Federally-inspected sheep slaughter totaled 2.01 million head in 2016. The top-10 states accounted for 85.9% of the slaughter. The top state for sheep slaughter was Colorado. It accounted for 41.3% of slaughter. California accounted for another 14.6%. Michigan accounted for almost 10% of the slaughter. Maryland and Delaware combined accounted for 2%.

Federally-inspected goat slaughter was approximately 449,000 head in 2016. Goat slaughter is less concentrated than sheep slaughter. The top-10 states accounted for 86.4% of federally-inspected goat slaughter in 2016. The top state for goat slaughter was New Jersey. It accounted for 25.5% of goat slaughter. Indiana, Illinois, New England, and Maryland-Delaware, each accounted for another 10%.

Source: USDA

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