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This page provides links to various online quizzes that can be used to test or enchance knowledge of livestock, especially sheep and goats, and/or study for skillathon competitions and quiz bowls. Quizzes do not work on mobile devices. They may not work in all browsers. For example, they do not work with Google Chrome. Quizzes were created by Susan Schoenian using Wondershare's QuizCreator.

Random question: Which animal requires the highest percentage of calcium in its diet?


A)   Dry ewe

B)   Ewe in late pregnancy

C)   Ewe nursing triplets

D)   Young, growing lamb

All about wool
Test your knowledge of wool

As the worm turns
Test your knowlege of gastro-intestinal (worm) parasites and their control

The Birds and the Bees
Answer questions about breeding and reproduction of sheep and goats

Equipment ID
Identify sheep and goat equipment and their uses

Feed & forage ID
Identify feeds and forages that are commonly fed to sheep and goats

Goat breeds
Identify U.S. goat breeds by pictures and descriptions

The goat quiz
General questions about goats

Health & diseases
Test your knowledge of sheep and goat health

Hoof health & diseases
All about the feet

How much does stuff cost?
How much does it cost?

Lamb 101
Identify lamb cuts and answer questions

Minerals & vitamins
Answer questions about mineral and vitamin nutrition

Quiz for younger children
Easier questions (all topics) for younger children

Sheep & Goat Marketing
How much do you know about marketing?

Sheep & Goat Nutrition
Test your knowledge of basic nutrition

Sheep Industry and Trivia
Answer general questions about sheep

U.S. sheep breeds
Identify U.S. sheep breeds by pictures and descriptions

World sheep breeds
How much do you know about sheep breeds from other countries?

You be the vet
Do you know what to treat sick sheep and goats with?

Other livestock

Alpacas and llamas (camelids)
Test your knowledge of alpacas and llamas, the other small ruminants

Identify cuts of beef and answer questions about beef

Pork chops and bacon
Test your knowledge of pork: the "other white meat"

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