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Online Quizzes

The quizzes that were previously created in Wondershare Quiz Maker no longer work. I am in the process of replacing them with quizzes in Qualtrics.  The purpose of the quizzes is to test the user's knowledge of sheep/goat production and to help youth study for skillathon competitions.

All US Sheep Breeds

Test your knowledge of the more than 50 breeds that are raised in the US

Most common sheep breeds

Test your knowledge of some of the most common US sheep breeds

US Goat Breeds
Test your knowledge of the goat breeds that are raised in the US

Equipment ID

Identify the equipment used in sheep/goat production

Equipment and Management
Answer questions about the equipment to manage sheep/goats

Feed ID

Identify feeds stuffs (grains, oilseeds, by-products, and additives) commonly fed to sheep/goats.

Forage ID
Identify forages (dry and ensiled) commonly fed to sheep/goats

Pasture ID
Identify pasture plants commonly grazed by sheep/goats.

Lamb Retail Cut ID
Identify the retail cuts from a lamb carcass

Goat Retail Cut ID
Identify the retail cuts from a goat carcass

Feeding Sheep & Goats
Answer questions about feeding sheep and goats

Sheep and Goat Nutrition

Answer questions about ruminant nutrition

Sheep & Goat Fibers
Answer questions about wool, mohair, and cashmere

Sheep & Goat Parasites
Answer questions about the parasites that affect sheep/goats

Healthy Animals

Answer questions about sheep/goat health, diseases, and treatments

The Birds and the Bees
Answer questions about sheep/goat reproduction

It's in the genes
Answer questions about sheep/goat genetics

Lambing & Kidding
Answer questions about lambing and kidding

Sheep & Goat Welfare
Answer questions pertaining to sheep/goat welfare (well-being)

This little lamb went to market
Answer these questions about lamb/goat marketing

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