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This page contains links to PowerPoint presentations that have been uploaded to SlideShare. SlideShare is a free slide hosting service. You can view presentations on SlideShow for free, but to download presentations, you must register (also free). SlideShow no longer allows presentations to be downloaded as PowerPoint files. Please contact me at, if you want a copy of the PowerPoint presentations and not just a PDF copy of the slides. Later presentations have been uploaded to SlideBoom, which allows downloading of the original PowerPoint file. On this page, PowerPoint presentations are organized according to subject matter.  Presentations may be used or adapted for educational purposes.

Internal parasites
An internal parasite update (2017)

10 things you should know about internal parasites (2015)
Characterizing the Parasite challenge of meat goats grazing summer pastures in Western Maryland (2011)

Coccidia: the other parasite that will get them (2018)
Combination Anthelmintics (Dewormers):  The Time is Now (2017)
Current recommendations for internal parasite control in small ruminants (2017)

Dealing with anthelmintic resistance in small ruminants (2014)
Determining anthelmintic resistance on sheep farms in the southeastern US (2017)

The Five Point Check© (2013)

The fungus is coming (2019)
Sustainable Integrated Parasite management (2015)

The impact of internal parasites on flock health and productivity (2015)

Integrated parasite management in small ruminants (2015)
Integrated parasite management in small ruminants (2014)
Integrated parasite management in small ruminants (2012)
Integrated parasite management in small ruminants (2010)
Internal parasite control in sheep (2011)

Internal parasites: What will work in 2018 (2018)
Internal Parasite Update (2013)

It's in the genes: genetic control of internal parasites (2018)
Livestock parasitology 101 (2011)
The Big Five:  Managing internal parasitism (2016)

Parasite control in dairy sheep (2012)

Parasite and Goats (2017)

Sometimes you got to shove a drug down their throats: proper use of dewormers (2017)

Special topics: natural parasite control in sheep and goats - Dr. Dahlia O'Brien (2016)
Strategies, techniques, and experience to foster parasite resistance & resilience (2013) | PDF
Susan's 10 commandments for worm control
Sustainable Integrated Parasite Management in Small Ruminants (2017)

To deworm or not:  on-farm decision-making tools for deciding who to treat and when (2017)
Why did my goat die? Why didn't the dewormer work? (2013)

Winning Against Worms (2019)
Worm webinars: Anthelmintics (2011)
Worm webinars: Integrated parasite management (2011)
Worm webinars: Parasite biology (2011)
Worm webinars: Worm diagnostics (2011)


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