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Sheep, Goat, and Wool Market Reports

2014 Goat Prices
2014 lamb prices


USDA Market News
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ASI Weekly Summary

Replacement Sheep Report (monthly, annual)
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USDA Weekly National Lamb Summary (Friday)
National 5-day Rolling Average Boxed Lamb Cuts
National Sheep Summary (Thursdays)
National Weekly Comprehensive Lamb Carcass Report
All Goat Reports

All Sheep Reports

Greencastle Livestock Auction, Greencastle, Pennsylvania (Mondays)

Local and Regional Food:  Market News
Mountain Area and Western US Direct Sheep Report (Fridays)
New Holland Sales Stables, New Holland, Pennsylvania (Mondays)

New Holland Sales Stables, New Holland, Pennsylvania, Sheep & Goat Weighted Average

North Carolina Pasture-Raised Lamb Report (Monthly)

Producers Livestock Auction Company, San Angelo, Texas

Producers Livestock Auction, San Angelo, Texas (Wednesdays)
Producers Livestock Auction, San Angelo, Texas, Sheep & Goat Weighted Average
Tennessee Livestock Producers Graded Goat & Sheep Sale, Columbia, Tennessee
Texas Weekly Sheep & Goat Summary


Friend's Stockyard, Accident
Four States Livestock Auction, Hagerstown - Link to Market
Maryland Weekly Farmers Market: Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Summary


Wool and Mohair Reports
National Wool Review
Wool and Mohair LDP rates (Excel spreadsheet)
Weekly Lamb Pelts Price Report


Bi-weekly by-product feed price listing from University of Missouri Extension
Livestock and Grain Hay Reports
National Weekly Wholesale Feed Prices
Pennsylvania Weekly Hay | Another Link

Download APP to follow markets
ASI Market News is produced by the American Sheep Industry Association to help sheep producers stay informed on current market conditions. This app displays 6 national as well as 7 auction barn reports for locations across the United States. The report data is compiled by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. The app also includes breakeven, wool, and gestation calculators.


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