Online FAMACHA© Certification

After Covid 19, University of Maryland Extension began offering online FAMACHA© certification. A webinar was held on May 7, 2020. The webinar was recorded, and the recording was uploaded to YouTube.  To get certified, watch the video. The other requirements for certification are to pass a test (75%) and send a video demonstrating proper FAMACHA© technique on a sheep, goat, or camelid:  COVER-PUSH-PULL-POP.

Recording of webinar presentation

Link to quiz

After you finish taking the quiz, you should see your score and how you did on each question.


Instructions for making and sending video
You don't need a FAMACHA© card to make the video. You can use an index card or make a card from other stiff paper or cardboard (3.5 to 4.5 inches). Draw a thick red line along the long side of the card (using a magic marker).  Hold the card next to the membranes and indicate whether the membranes are lighter or the same color as the line. Be sure to score in natural lighting and don't shade the eye. Do both eyes or more than one animal. Be sure to get help restraining the animal(s) and making the video. It's not a one person job. Three people are probably needed.  Send the video to If the file is too large to email, upload it somewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive) and send me the link.  If you don't have any small ruminants, you'll have to find one (or two) to make the video.


Video demonstrating proper FAMACHA© technique: COVER-PUSH-PULL-POP

Here's a longer video:  how and why to FAMACHA© score

Links to all recommended resources on
You will find more detailed information on everything I talked about in the webinar.


After you meet the above requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Competence in the FAMACHA© anemia scoring system. The certificate will enable you to buy a card from the University of Maryland.  The certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF file.  After you receive the certificate, you will receive details on how to purchase a card. FAMACHA© cards are $15 for US/Canadian addresses and $20 for international mailings.

Direct all questions to Susan Schoenian at