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APPS for Sheep and Goat Producers, A-Z


"App" is short for "application" - which is another name for a computer program. Normally, when people talk about apps they are almost always referring to programs that run on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers. This web site has identified apps that may be of interest to sheep and goat producers. They are listed alphabetically. Feel free to suggest other apps that you think may be of interest to small ruminant producers. Send your suggestions to

***** recommended

4-H Livestock Record (2020) - Free  [USA]
Keeping records for a 4-H project? This app helps you organize your market livestock project information on your iPhone or iPad and send customized reports to your email inbox. Developed by New Mexico State University.  Web site  Apple 

AgriWebb (2017 - Try for free - annual fee [USA]

Unlock your farm’s full potential with the AgriWebb Mobile app. Save time and record all your farm records while standing in the paddock. The AgriWebb app allows you to enter records offline, which means your work is done at the end of the day!   Web site  Apple  Google  

Animal & Veterinary Drugs (2017)  - $0.99   [USA]
Over 2400 drug listings. Ability to search by animal. Drug information comes from the FDA Veterinary Drug Database. Alphabetical listing by brand names.   Apple 

ASI Market News (2020)  - Free   [USA]    *****
ASI Market News is produced by the American Sheep Industry Association to help sheep producers stay informed on current market conditions. This app displays 6 national as well as 7 auction barn reports for locations across the United States.  Apple  Google

Breedr Livestock (2023) - Free   [Great Britain]
Save hours of admin every week by capturing regulatory, meds, weights, breeding activities and much more on the go in the free Breedr mobile app.  Apple   Google

British Sheep Breeds (2020) - Free  [Great Britain]
The British Sheep Breed app is a reference/informational lookup app. It is a collection of all the British sheep breeds with their characteristics listed including.  Google

CVP Vet (US) (2017)  - Free   [USA]
Most complete and concise reference available. Features over 5,900 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication and parasiticide product monographs. Over 260 manufacturers/distributors and their contact information.   Apple  Google

Gestimator (2020)  - Free   [Nigeria]
Gestimator is free animal pregnancy term calculator designed by a farmer for farmers. The app covers gestations estimations of various farm and domestic animals and Pets.   Google


Feed Mix Calculator (2019) - $1.99    [USA]
Feed Mix Calculator quickly finds the right mix of two feeds to make a ration that meets the daily nutrient requirements of the animal. Uses the pearson square algorithm to calculate results.  Apple


Easyvet (2022) - Free
EasyVet is a very useful free mobile application for Veterinarians to access a complete database of Veterinary Medicines. The medicines are arranged in organized manner so as to help the vet make his search for the most appropriate drug easier.  Google

FARAD's VetGRAM (2020)  - Free   [USA]
FDA Approved Animal Drugs. The Veterinarian's Guide to Residue Avoidance Management (VetGRAM) is the most comprehensive and up-to-date information resource for drugs approved in food-producing animal species.   Apple  Google

Farming Goat (2022) - Free   [India]
The Farming Goat app is goat farm management app for livestock farming ensures unique identification of each animal and keeps track of all their individual information related to all animal details, health status, productivity and more.  Web site  Google

FarmWorks by Shearwell Data (2019) - subscription  [United Kingdom]
App allowing livestock farmers to manage their sheep and cattle animal records while out on the farm. To use the app you must also have FarmWorks by Shearwell Data Ltd installed on your desktop computer and have a valid support subscription.  Google

Flocket (2022)  Free to try - subscription   [Ireland]
A mobile app that allows Farmers to manage their flock records from their pocket. You can update your records real time on the farm as you complete your flock activities.  Flocket is a sheep only app for Irish Sheep farmers.  Web site  Apple

Flockwatch (2023)  Free to try - subscription   [Ireland]
Welcome to the No. 1 livestock management
 app in Ireland & the UK. Join over 18,000 sheep, beef and dairy farmers, get started for free & feel the difference!  Web site  Apple   Google


The Goat Book (2019) - $15 per year   [USA]
Goat Book allows you to track kidding data, and generate reports by bucks or entire kid crop. Goat Book will allow you to enter breeding information on your doe herd and project birthing dates.  Web site   Apple  Google

Goat Farming Guide (2022) - Free
Goat farming guide. Goat diseases and Prevention.  Google

Goat Health (2020) - Free  [Germany]
This app was developed as part of a Making More Health project for Indian goat farmers and is intended to help improve the health of the goats and keep them for longer time.    Google

Hay Price Calc (2020) - $0.99   [USA]
Buy hay the smart way! Many horse owners and hobby farmers purchase hay by the bale. However, the more economical way to purchase and compare different hay types is to calculate the price per ton. Developed by the University of Minnesota.  Apple   Google

HerdBoss (2022) - Free to try - subscription   [USA]

If you are a sheep breeder, HerdBoss will revolutionize the way you do business! Keeping track of all the details about a flock of sheep can be a headache.  HerdBoss solves this problem! A complete end-to-end solution.  Web site  Apple  Google

HerdHelp (2022)  - Free to try - subscription    [USA]
Livestock management with detailed tracking of your animals. Herd Help gives you the power to manage your livestock seamlessly.   Web site  Apple

Homesteader Helper (2020) - $0.99    [USA]
Homesteader Helper is an iOS app for small farmers and homesteaders to help manage their farm animals.  Apple  

ID Weeds  (2020)  - Free   [USA]
Produced by the University of Missouri, ID Weeds allows you to search for weeds by their common or Latin name, view a list of weeds, or identify weeds based upon a number of different characteristics.  Web site  Apple

Idaho Grasses (2022) - $7.99   [USA]
The purpose of this project is to develop a user-friendly field guide to grasses and grass-like plants in Idaho, specifically geared to those with limited background in botany.   Apple  Google

iLivestock  - Free to try - subscription  [United Kingdom]
iLivestock is designed to fit your farm and your routine, whatever that looks like. We don't believe limiting users to a certain way of working or using specific hardware benefits anyone.  Web site  Apple   Google

The Lambing Book (2018)   [USA]
Experience the ease of keeping track of lamb records with The Lambing Book. Add lamb information such as lamb id, birth weight, gender, date, and even comments about the lamb. It has never been easier to do!   Google

Lamb and Goat Price Market Forecast (2020) - Free   [USA]
This application is designed for Texas sheep and goat producers to predict the change in value of light weight slaughter lambs and kid goats.    Web site   Apple

Lambing Planner (2017)  - Free   [Australia]
The Lambing Planner app by DAFWA and ASHEEP group of Esperance in Western Australia helps sheep managers map the breeding cycle for sheep and gives key recommendations on management operations that make up the breeding cycle. 
Web site  Apple  Google

Livestock Carcass Calculator  (2015)  - Free    [USA]
WSU Livestock Carcass Grade & Cutability Calculator is a simple way to calculate carcass yield grade, dressing percentages, and cutability of beef, pork and lamb carcasses.  Web site  Apple  


Livestocked (2022)  - Free to try - subscription  [USA]   *****
Enjoy multi-species and multi-breed herd management through our mixed enterprise solution. Manage your herd, flock, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas & Llamas through one easy to use app.  Web site   Apple   Google  Microsoft

Livestock Gestation Calculator (2020)  - Free
A fully functional livestock gestation calculator. Select your breeding date and the calculator will automatically give you the average birth date for your livestock option.   Apple


Livestock Manager (2019)   [Uganda]
Livestock Manager is designed for the commercial livestock enterprises that need detailed livestock management records. Its made for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Rabbits.   Google

Meat Cuts (2021) - Free   [Australia]
The Meat Cuts app is your number one destination for information about beef, lamb, veal and goat
cuts.   Apple  Google

Merck Veterinary Manual (2020)  - Free   [USA]
The Merck Veterinary Manual, a renowned animal health reference for more than 60 years, covers all species and disorders of veterinary interest worldwide.  Ap
ple   Google 

Montana Grasses (2023)  - $5.00   [USA]
Montana State University's College of Agriculture presents a grass identification guide for Montana with over 260 species.  Web site  Apple  Google

MSUES Break Even (2020)  - Free   [USA]
Be more knowledgeable when making livestock purchases and sales.
With just a few bits of information about your livestock you can know the minimum price that will put you in the black (profitable) and keep you out of the red.  Apple

MyFarm (2019) - Subscription    [Uganda]

MyFarm is a livestock farm management application that helps livestock farmers optimize the performance of their farms and increase their productivity and profits. MyFarm gives the farmer decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting.    Google

My Goat Manager (2023)   [Uganda]

An app for goat farmers to manage their goat farming. Tracks and records farm goat events, milk production, income, and expenses. It generates both visual and pdf reports on the fly.    Web site   Google

My Sheep Manager (2023)   [Uganda]
It is an easy-to-use sheep farm management app for modern farmers, Make your sheep farming operations more efficient and profitable. Our app can help you keep track of your sheep, manage their health, plan for their growth and breeding, and many more.   Web site   Google

OvinoPro (2023)    [Brazil]
Software for livestock management and control of your ovine herd. Abandon paper and save time with the OvinoPro application, which works even without internet anywhere on your property.  Web site  Google


OvinoPro for confinement (2023)    [Brazil]
Exclusive app for confiners.   Google

Parasit Xpert (2022)  - Free   [Germany]
Atlas of parasitic diseases in ruminants. A diagnostic tool for the identification of parasites and the lesions they cause.  Apple  Google

Picture This Plant Identifier (2023)  - free to try - annual fee   [USA]   *****
PictureThis identifies 1,000,000+ plants every day with 98% accuracy - better than most human experts.   Apple  Google

PlantNet Plant Identification  (2023) - free   [USA]
PlantNet is an application that allows you to identify plants simply by photographing them with your smartphone.  Apple  Google

Sheep App (2021) - Free   [India]
Sheep App is a Sheep Farm Management app to help Sheep producers to manage their sheep data. Sheep App allows you to keeps track of all the
ir individual information, and generate reports.  Google

The Sheep Book (2019)  - $15 per year   [USA]
Sheep Book is a web based application along with a mobile app to help sheep producers manage their sheep data. Sheep Book allows you to track lambing data, and generate reports by rams or entire lamb crop.   Web site  Apple   Google

Sheep EAD AR  (2022) - Free   [Australia]
An augmented reality experience to help educate on how to recognize Emergency Animal Diseases (EAD) in sheep.   Apple

Stock Show Pro (2016) - Free  [USA]
The app for show animal management.  Web site  Apple  Google

Today's Mobile Sheep Rancher (2016) - Free  [USA]
Today’s Mobile Sheep Rancher works as a stand alone product or with Today’s Rancher Desktop to give the modern livestock operation a complete solution for ranch asset management.    Google  

USDA Market News (2022) - Free  [USA]
The USDA Market News mobile application gives you instant access to market reports and information published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Designed for iPad.   Apple  Google

VacApp (2022) - Livestock Management - Free trial - subscription  [Spain]
All extensive livestock farmers run into the same fundamental problems when managing their animals. Difficult to keep track of births, no resources on field, important data is lost papers, tons of paperwork. The good news? VacApp can help you.  Web site  Google 


Veterinary Handbook for Cattle, Sheep, and Goats  (2019) - $1.99-$2.79  [Australia]

The Veterinary Handbook app for cattle, sheep and goats is a comprehensive, mobile resource for veterinarians, animal health professionals, livestock producers, livestock handlers and veterinary and agricultural students.  Apple  Google

VetLink (2019)  - Free   [USA]
This app is developed to assist farmers in managing and reporting sick animals, they can also search for possible solutions.  It was developed by Prairie View A&M University .  Google

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