A-Z APPS for Sheep and Goat Producers


"App" is short for "application" - which is another name for a computer program. Normally, when people talk about apps they are almost always referring to programs that run on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers. This web site has identified apps that may be of interest to sheep and goat producers. They are listed alphabetically. Feel free to suggest other apps that you think may be of interest to small ruminant producers. Send your suggestions to sschoen@umd.edu.

4-H Livestock Record  (2020)   Free
Keeping records for a 4-H project? This app helps you organize your market livestock project information on your iPhone or iPad and send customized reports to your email inbox.

Animal & Veterinary Drugs   (2017)   Free

Over 2400 drug listings. Ability to search by animal. Drug information comes from the FDA Veterinary Drug Database. Alphabetical listing by brand names. 

ASI Market News (2020)   Free
ASI Market News is produced by the American Sheep Industry Association to help sheep producers stay informed on current market conditions. This app displays 6 national as well as 7 auction barn reports for locations across the United States. The report data is compiled by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. 
Apple  Android

CVP Vet (US)   (2017)   Free
Most complete and concise reference available. Features over 5,900 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication and parasiticide product monographs. Over 260 manufacturers/distributors and their contact information. Product Use and Product Category Index. Species specific charts including anthelmintics/parasiticides, biologicals, and Withdrawal Times.  

Easyvet Veterinary Drug Database  (2017)  Free
EasyVet is a very useful free mobile application for Veterinarians to access a complete database of Veterinary Medicines. The medicines are arranged in organized manner so as to help the vet make his search for the most appropriate drug easier. Easyvet's comprehensive search facility helps in sorting these drugs on basis of their action on different physiological systems, genres, manufacturers and brands etc. All manufacturers within the reach of a click - may it be the reporting of a drug's unavailability, requesting the answer to a query or registering a complaint.  Apple 

FarmWorks by Shearwell Data (2019)   Subscription
App allowing livestock farmers to manage their sheep and cattle animal records while out on the farm. To use the app you must also have FarmWorks by Shearwell Data Ltd installed on your desktop computer and have a valid support subscription.


Goat Book (2019)   $15 per year
Goat Book allows you to track kidding data, and generate reports by bucks or entire kid crop. Goat Book will allow you to enter breeding information on your doe herd and project birthing dates. This application will generate individual doe productivity by keeping annual sale prices for your kid crop. The Semen Tank function allows you to manage your semen inventory. 

Hay Price Calc   (2020)    $0.99
Buy hay the smart way! Many horse owners and hobby farmers purchase hay by the bale. However, the more economical way to purchase and compare different hay types is to calculate the price per ton. The aim of the Hay Price App is to aid hay buyers in calculating price per ton and to provide cost comparisons of small square, large round, and large square-bales. Hay buyers simply select the bale type, enter in the bale weight and price per bale, and the Hay Price App calculates price per ton, allowing the buyer to compare and choose the most economical hay. This app does not take into account hay quality when determining economics.  
Apple   Android

HerdBoss (2020)   Free

If you are a sheep breeder, HerdBoss will revolutionize the way you do business! Keeping track of all the details about a flock of sheep can be a headache. That headache becomes a migraine when the flock grows and your operation expands. HerdBoss solves this problem! A complete end-to-end solution, HerdBoss for Sheep tracks everything about your flock in a simple and intuitive way that will help you and your entire team save time and money, and increase accuracy and completeness of your tracking. 
Apple  Android

ID Weeds  (2020)   Free
ID Weeds is produced by the University of Missouri's College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources' Division of Plant Science. ID Weeds allows you to search for weeds by their common or latin name, view a list of weeds, or identify weeds based upon a number of different characteristics. Details about each weed are presented, along with photograph(s) of the weed specified.

iLivestockMgr  (2019)   $27.99
iLivestockMgr is an essential tool for management of livestock in agricultural operations. It covers over 90 pieces of information about the health, well being and status of your livestock inventory. Integrated with all your mobile devices through iCloud. Your team can have up to date status and inventory information across all devices. Your data is stored and backed up through iCloud so it is always safe. We also provide the ability to backup your data locally on your PC or Mac. There are an unlimited set of species/categories. The app is pre seeded with over 15 species and 1060 breeds.
Apple   Android

Livestock Carcass Calculator  (2015)   Free
WSU Livestock Carcass Grade & Cutability Calculator is a simple way to calculate carcass yield grade, dressing percentages, and cutability of beef, pork and lamb carcasses. The App can calculate yield grade and cutability from live animal estimates or ultrasound data from cattle, pigs and lambs, and can be used to calculate dressing percentage, yield grade and cutability of beef, pork and lamb carcasses using actual carcass data. Just enter live or carcass data information and the calculator will automatically provide desired information. 

Livestocked (2020)
Enjoy multi-species and multi-breed herd management through our mixed enterprise solution. Manage your herd, flock, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas & Llamas through one easy to use app.
Apple   Android

Livestock Gestation Calculator (2020)  Free
A fully functional livestock gestation calculator. Select your breeding date and the calculator will automatically give you the average birth date for your livestock option.

Livestock Manager (2019)
Livestock Manager is designed for the commercial livestock enterprises that need detailed livestock management records. Its made for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Rabbits. It is flexible to handle multiple identifications while tracking treatments, pedigree, animal movements, calving, milk production etc.


Livestock Weights and Expenses  (2016)    $2.99
An app for your smart phone or tablet that will help you monitor and manage the weight of your livestock, so when Fair Day comes, you are ready! This app will support Steers, Swine, Sheep and Goats and takes the guessing out of having your animal ready for weigh in. It will also help you manage your expenses. With this app, no longer will you be frantically looking for receipts when it is record book time. You will have them all on your smart phone and will know the up to the minute amount you have spent on each animal. Just email yourself all your data to include in your record book and you will be good to go and ready to enjoy Fair Day with full confidence your animal and records are ready to compete!

Merck Vet Manual (2020)  Free
The Merck Veterinary Manual, a renowned animal health reference for more than 60 years, covers all species and disorders of veterinary interest worldwide. This app provides veterinarians, students and other animal health professionals with clear, practical explanations of thousands of conditions across all body systems. It covers etiology, pathophysiology, and options for diagnosis and treatment. 
Apple   Android 

MSUES Break Even (2020)  Free
Be more knowledgeable when making livestock purchases and sales. This is a quick and easy decision tool at your fingertips. With just a few bits of information about your livestock you can know the minimum price that will put you in the black (profitable) and keep you out of the red. The Break Even Application will calculate the break even price for livestock given three different break-even scenarios: In Price, Out Price, and Cost of Gain.  

MyFarm (2019)

MyFarm is a livestock farm management application that helps livestock farmers optimize the performance of their farms and increase their productivity and profits. MyFarm gives the farmer decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting.

Sheep and Goat Price Forecaster (2020)   Free
This application is designed for Texas sheep and goat producers to predict the change in value of light weight slaughter lambs and kid goats. The program requires producers to designate the month they intend to sell their animals, the weight of the animals, and cost of gain if they were to retain ownership. Thereafter, the application uses market data collected from Producers Livestock Auction Co. in San Angelo, TX dating back to 2010 to predict change in value (Marginal Revenue) based on month, weight gain, and cost of gain. The application does not forecast actual prices, but rather estimates the change in per head value that normally occurs in the market based on month and market weight. The application also reports the current value ($/Hd) and market price ($/Cwt.) and has a link to USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service reports, so that producers can easily assess current market conditions.  

Sheep Book (2019)  $15 per year
Sheep Book is a web based application along with a mobile app to help Sheep producers manage their sheep data. Sheep Book allows you to track lambing data, and generate reports by rams or entire lamb crop. Sheep Book will allow you to enter breeding information on your ewe herd and project lambing dates. This application will generate individual ewe productivity by keeping annual sale prices for your lamb crop. The Semen Tank function allows you to manage your semen inventory. 
Apple   Android

Sheep Measurements  (2020)   Free
Sheep Measurements Database enables the entry of Sheep and Sheep Treatments data for Apple IPad users in the field and office.

Sheep Pedigree Database   (2020)   Free
Sheep Pedigree Database enables the entry Sheep data and the display of lambs and a Pedigree chart for Apple IPad users in the field and office. Sheep Pedigree Database presents a full featured add/edit/delete records for a Sheep data table.

Sheep Treatments Database   (2020)  Free
Sheep Treatments Database enables the entry of Sheep and Sheep Treatments data for Apple IPad users in the field and office.  Sheep Treatments Database presents a full featured add/edit/delete records for two sheep data tables: sheep and sheep Treatments.

VetGRAM (2020)  Free
FDA Approved Animal Drugs. The Veterinarian's Guide to Residue Avoidance Management (VetGRAM) is the most comprehensive and up-to-date information resource for drugs approved in food-producing animal species. VetGRAM users can create customized searches to obtain approved drug uses, government restrictions, required withdrawal times and tolerances for any drug approved by the FDA for use in food-producing animal species. 

Veterinary Handbook for Cattle, Sheep, and Goats  (2019)   Free

The Veterinary Handbook app for cattle, sheep and goats is a comprehensive, mobile resource for veterinarians, animal health professionals, livestock producers, livestock handlers and veterinary and agricultural students. This useful app includes information on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and associated syndromes of diseases in cattle, sheep and goats. You can filter your search by Species, Disease or Syndrome to quickly have animal health information at your fingertips to assist you whether in the field or at the office. 
Apple  Android

VetLink  Free
The VetLink, a livestock medical system, consists of several components, including a database server storing selected livestock disease information, a web service server that allows farmers to access the system through computers, and an app that allows farmers to access the system and report sick animals through mobile devices. VetLink allows (a) livestock administration officers to monitor sick animal distribution both timely and geographically, thus send out warning about potential animal disease outburst, and (b) farmers to real-time report sick livestock, receive instant potential diagnose/information, and automatically alert their vets and related personnel.  


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