So. MD Lambing & Kidding Workshop

The Southern Maryland Meats program of SMADC and the University of Maryland Extension are partnering to offer a series of workshops dedicated to Sheep and Goat production here in Southern Maryland. "Lambing and Kidding - Before, During and After", the second workshop in the Small Ruminant series, will include the preparation, nutrition and care of ewes/does through gestation to birthing and aftercare of ewes/does and newborn lambs/kids, as well as facilities and related equipment. Using models to simulate and demonstrate certain situations, workshop attendees will be guided through a normal birthing process and how to assist with difficult births. Presenters will discuss vaccinations, peri

2018 Virginia Shepherds' Symposium

Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia Sheep Producers Association will be hosting the Virginia Shepherds’ Symposium on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at the Augusta County Government Center in Verona, VA. This one-day program is open to all sheep producers from the region and provides an educational opportunity for producers, educators and other professionals in sheep and related agribusiness industries. The adult program will feature excellent speakers on a variety of topics, and commercial exhibitors will also be present. A Young Shepherds’ Symposium will run concurrently with the adult sessions. These youth activities will be hands-on and interactive. All youth of all experience l

Sheep 201: New Chapters

Several new chapters have been add to Sheep 201: a Beginner's Guide to Raising Sheep. US Breeds A-Z Sheep as pets Shepherding skills Sheep 201 is a Beginner's Guide to Raising Sheep. The information should be useful for persons raising different kinds of sheep and utilizing production systems. At the same time, all information needs to be adapted to local conditions and production practices. Sheep 201 was written by Susan Schoenian in 2004. Chapters are continuously updated. Eventually, a print version of the web site may be developed. Currently, pages can be printed off the web for educational purposes.

Scrapie genotyping for goats

For a long time, sheep producers have been able to determine if their sheep were resistant to scrapie, by submitting a blood or tissue sample. This enabled sheep producers to breed for scrapie resistance. Goat producers now have the same option. After 10 years of study, researchers have identified genetic markers that confer scrapie resistance in goats. They are S-146 and K-222. The University of California-Davis is now offering testing for scrapie resistance in goats. Twenty to 30 hairs, with roots, are submitted for testing. The cost of the test is $30 per animal. Scrapie is a fatal, infectious neurodegenerative disease that affects sheep and goats. It is not caused by genetics, but an ani

Shepherd's Notebook Blog Moved

The Shepherd's Notebook blog has been moved to the Maryland Small Ruminant Page at Shepherd's Notebook was created in 2006 to provide timely information to sheep and goat producers and anyone else interested in small ruminants. Since 2006, over 1100 posts have been made.The old blog site will remain online at Old blog posts will be continue to be catalogued by the search engines. You'll still be able to search old entries via keyword or labels.

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