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New Product for Lambs/Kids

Immu-Prime® is a new bioactive product for lambs and kids. It can be given to newborns. For best results, the company recommends a single dose (two pumps) for 4 consecutive days. The first dose should be given soon after birth, ideally before colostrum, as it improves colostrum absorption.

Immu-Prime® is also recommended for stressed lambs and kids. The product is sold in a 250 ml bottle and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer: Sterling Technology Bioactive Solutions. It is also available from major animal health distributors and some animal health farm stores and veterinarians.

Currently, no studies have been conducted with lambs and kids. However, studies with calves and piglets have shown favorable responses in gain and immunity.

Special thanks to Sterling Technology for donating product to the University of Maryland Small Ruminant Extension Program.


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