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Sustainable Integrated Parasite Management (sIPM)


Since 2003, Susan Schoenian has been teaching workshops on Sustainable Integrated Parasite Management (sIPM).  Workshops are typically four hours in length:  two hours lecture/discussion and two hours hands-on instruction (FAMACHA scoring and fecal egg counting). Participants in the workshops receive a FAMACHA© card and become certified in the use of the FAMACHA© system. Certification is limited to participants 16 years of age and older.


sIPM workshops cover all aspects of internal parasite control, including alternative forages, genetic selection, host immunity, management, nutrition, pasture rest and rotation, zero grazing, fecal egg analysis, FAMACHA©, and proper anthelmintic use. Participants also receive a booklet containing reference materials.


To schedule a FAMACHA© training, contact Susan Schoenian at (301) 432-2767 x343 or Workshops can be held at a farm or public facility. They can be hosted by extension, an organization, school, or farmer. There are currently no workshops scheduled.


You can also find a list of upcoming workshops and certified FAMACHA© instructors on the web site of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC). The web site is maintained by Susan Schoenian.


Dr. Ray Kaplan's lab at the University of Georgia is the US sole distributor of FAMACHA© cards. In order to receive a FAMACHA© card, producers must attend a training. Veterinarians may purchase cards directly from the University of Georgia.

Make your own reference booklet for instruction or personal use

Fact sheets from NCAT-ATTRA
Coccidiosis:  symptoms, prevention, and treatment in sheep, goats, and calves
Managing internal parasites in sheep and goats
Tools for managing internal parasites in small ruminants: animal selection
Tools for managing internal parasites in small ruminants:  copper oxide wire particles
Tools for managing internal parasites in small ruminants:  sericea lespedeza

FAMACHA© materials
© system: an aid in the management of Haemonchus in small ruminants (Dr. Adriano Vatta)
Open letter to sheep and goat producers regarding FAMACHA© program (Dr. Ray Kaplan)
How to order FAMACHA© charts (University of Georgia)
FAMACHA© Information Guide
FAMACHA© Anemia Record

Fecal egg analysis
© larval development assay (University of Georgia)
Fecal egg counting using the Paracount-EPG
Guide to internal parasites of ruminants (InterVet)
Modified McMaster Egg Counting Procedure (Dr. Dahlia O'Brien)

Modified McMaster Egg Counting for Quantification of Nematode Eggs (Drs. Ray Kaplan and Jim Miller)
Standard solutions for fecal examinations (Langston University)
What do fecal egg counts tell us?  (William Shulaw, Ohio State University)
Where to buy McMaster Egg Counting Slides

Other fact sheets and information
Disgusting tapeworms! (Dr. Ann Zajac)
IPM Pre- and Post Test


PowerPoint Presentations
Handout (6 slides per page, color)
2015 PowerPoint presentation @ SlideShare
Sustainable Integrated Parasite management (2015)


Reference tables
Anthelmintics for sheep and goats
Coccidiostats for sheep and goats

Dewormer chart for camelids (Dr. Lisa Williamson)
Dewormer chart for goats (Dr. Ray Kaplan)
Dewormer chart for sheep (Dr. Ray Kaplan)
The internal parasites that affect sheep and goats

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