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Weekly Webinar Series (April-June 2020)
University of Maryland | Delaware State University | Virginia State University | Fort Valley State University

The Periparturient Egg Rise (Susan Schoenian)
Fecal Egg Counting Primer (Dahlia O'Brien)
Public Enemy #1: the barber pole worm (Kwame Matthews)
Grazing away parasites (Niki Whitley)
Preventing and treating coccidiosis (Kwame Matthews)
Deworming right (Susan Schoenian)
What to do when deworming is not enough (Niki Whitley)
Selecting worm resistant animals (Dahlia O'Brien)


BioWorma  Webinar (May 13, 2020)
University of Maryland | Delaware State University | Virginia State University | Fort Valley State University

BioWorma (Chris Lawlor, Animal Health International)

Q & A 's  (2020)
University of Maryland | Delaware State University | Virginia State University | Fort Valley State University

Lambing & Kidding
Kentucky Worm Talk
Lamb/kid management and weaning
Ask a Small Ruminant Veterinarian
Pasture and grazing

Pasture, Grazing, and Browsing Conference (October 21, 2019)

Healthy soil as the foundation of good pasture management (Maegan Perdue)
Setting up a grazing system (Matt Morris)

What do I plant? (Amanda Grev)

Webinar:  Intensive Sheep Production (July 25, 2019)
University of Georgia

Raising sheep intensively (Susan Schoenian)

Lambing & Kidding School (January 19, 2019)

Lamb and kid necropsy (Dr. Kevin Pelzer)

Managing the Periparturient egg rise (Dr. Kwame Matthews)
Preparation for Parturition: Getting Ready for the Big Day (Maegan Perdue)

ASI Let's Grow Webinar (October 3, 2017)

Replacement ewes selection and culling of under-performing ewes (Susan Schoenian)


Webinars: Special Topics (2016)

Toxic Plants (Jeff Semler)
EBVs for Beginners (Susan Schoenian)
Mineral and Vitamin Nutrition (Dr. Dan Morrical)
Sericea Lespedeza (Dr. Niki Whitley)
Getting things right for worm control in sheep and goats (Dr. Gareth Bath)
Natural Parasite Control (Dr. Dahlia O'Brien)


Webinar Short Course:  Pasture Management (2015)

Planning a Pasture System (Jeff Semler)

Pasture plants, including alternative forages (Jeff Semler)
Pasture and grazing management (Jeff Semler)

Pasture nutrition (Susan Schoenian)
Pasture health problems (Susan Schoenian)


Webinar Short Course:  National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) (2015)

How the sheep industry can benefit from NSIP (Dr. Robert Banks)

How the goat industry can benefit from NSIP (Dr. Ken Andries)
How, when, and what data to collect (Code Hiemke)
Challenges of moving to a performance based flock (Bill Shultz)
How to enter and submit data (Dr. Chris Schauer)
Producer panel

Webinar Short Course:  Sheep and goat health (2014)

Biosecurity (Susan Schoenian)
Preventative health care (Susan Schoenian)

Diagnosis and treatment of disease (Susan Schoenian)

Common health problems (Susan Schoenian)
Disease management (Susan Schoenian)

Webinar short course:  ethnic marketing of sheep and lamb (2013)
University of Maryland | University of Maine | Ohio State University

Ethnic market background (Susan Schoenian)

Understanding the ethnic consumer (Katherine Harrison)

Understanding and evaluating your ethnic options (Susan Schoenian)

Developing a production and marketing plan (Dr. Richard Ehrhardt)

Webinar short course:  breeding better sheep and goats (2013)

Genetics 101 (Susan Schoenian)

Breeding systems (Jeff Semler)

Selection (Susan Schoenian)
Performance Evaluation (Susan Schoenian)
Advanced Genetic Improvement (Susan Schoenian)

Webinar short course:  hoof health (2012)
University of Maryland | University of Maine

Part I (Susan Schoenian)
Part II (Dr. Richard Brzozowski)

Webinar short course:  nutrition and feeding (2012)

Digestive physiology (Susan Schoenian)

Nutrients (Susan Schoenian)
Feedstuffs (Jeff Semler)

Nutritional management (Susan Schoenian)
Ration Balancing (Willie Lantz)
Nutritional disorders (Susan Schoenian)

Spring Worm Webinars (2011)

Parasite biology (Susan Schoenian)

Integrated parasite management (Susan Schoenian)
Diagnostic tools for worm control (Susan Schoenian)
Using anthelmintics effectively (Susan Schoenian)

Webinar short course:  ewe and doe management (2011)

Late gestation (Susan Schoenian)
Vaccinations (Susan Schoenian)

Parturition (Susan Schoenian)
Neonatal care (Susan Schoenian)
Lactation (Jeff Semler)
Weaning (Susan Schoenian)