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Apps for Record Keeping (A-Z)


Farm Wizard Sheep Manager

App is free, but requires a FarmWizard cloud based software account to run. Once set up you can record information about an animal just by scanning the animals Electronic ID. Retrieve weights via Bluetooth from supported TruTest and Gallagher Weigh heads. Work offline and sync when internet is available.

Available for Android only. Last updated 2018. 

FarmWorks by Shearwell Data

App allowing livestock farmers to manage their sheep and cattle animal records while out on the farm. To use the app, you must also have FarmWorks by Shearwell Data Ltd. installed on your desktop and have a valid support subscription.

Available for Android only. Last updated 2019. 


Goat Book

Goat Book is a web-based application, along with a mobile app to help goat producers manage their goat data. It allows you to track kidding data and generate reports by bucks or entire kid crop.

Available for iOS or Android. Last updated 2019. $20/year


Herd helps you track your animals, presenting them clearly and efficiently on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. Herd will also track any medication you administer to your animals.

Available for iOS. Last updated 2019. Free version is limited to 5 animals.

HerdBoss is a website that tracks all your sheep, all the time, in a convenient and easy-to-use format that you can get to from anywhere with an Internet connection. Use the free app to enter data in the field or when you don't have an internet connection.

Available for iOS and Android. Last updated 2020. Free for 30 days, then $5/month.


iLivestockMgr is an essential tool for management of livestock in agricultural operations. It covers over 90 pieces of information about the health, well being and status of your livestock inventory. Integrated with all your mobile devices through iCloud. Your team can have up to date status and inventory information across all devices.

Available for iOS. Last updated 2015. $27.99.


Livestocked's intuitive mobile interfaces help you manage your herd, semen and embryo inventory, sales and financials from your desk or out in the paddock. Manage your cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas, and llamas through one easy-to-use app. Bluetooth RFID support.

Available for iOS and Android. Last updated 2020. Limited free use.  $70/year

Livestock Manager Pro

Livestock Manager is designed for the commercial livestock enterprises that need detailed livestock management records.

Available for iOS. Lasted updated 2017. Free.

My Mob Tracker

MyMobTracker allows multiple users to sync and share information about livestock movements, treatments, and actions performed while recording historical data for functional reporting.

Available for iOS.  Free

Prime Sheep Tracker

We are excited to bring our love of animal husbandry, farming, and data-driven decision making from our family to yours.

Available for iOS.  Last updated 2019. Free

Ranch Manager

Ranch Manager Software for the iPhone builds on the time-saving features of the Ranch Manager Desktop Software. This livestock management app can be used alone or in conjunction with the Ranch Manager desktop software..

Available for iOS.  Free

Sheep Book

Sheep Book is a web-based application along with a mobile app to help sheep producers manage their sheep data. It allows you to track lambing data and generate reports by rams or entire lamb crop.

Available for iOS and Android. Last updated 2019. $20/year

Sheep Measurements Database

Sheep Measurements Database enables the entry of sheep and sheep treatments data for Apple iPad users in the field or office.

Available for iOS. Last updated 2014. Free


Stockhand was developed by producers for producers. It allows you to access your livestock data on your mobile devices. It integrates with bluetooth RFID readers and weight indicators.

Available for Android. Last updated 2019. Free


This is a revolutionary app that records and organizes information on your phone so no need for expensive data logging handheld machines or even notebook and pencil.

Available for iOS. Free.

The Herd

The Herd is a mobile application that allows farmers to record, manage and analyse the data about their herds online. The goal is to give farmers flexibility and more control over the administrative side of their business. ​

Available for iOS. Last updated 2019. Free.

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