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4-H and FFA page

Sheep and goats are popular 4-H and FFA projects for youth. Youth links are listed alphabetically by subject category: animal health, dairy goat ,fiber goat, livestock, livestock judging, meat goat, pack goat, quality assurance, sheep,showing, and skillathons.

4-H and FFA

4-H Home
4-H Mall
Canadian 4-H Council
National 4-H Curriculum recommended
National FFA Organization

Animal health

[PDF] Health concerns during show season - Pipestone Vet Clinic
Keeping show animals healthy - Louisiana State University
[PDF] Keeping your 4-H market animals healthy - Oregon St. University
[PDF] A young person's guide to keeping animals safe and healthy


Cyber Livestock @ Utah State University
Iowa 4-H Livestock
North Carolina 4-H Livestock Program

Dairy goat

[PDF] 4-H dairy goat project - Penn State University
4-H dairy goats @ Cornell University
[PDF] 4-H dairy goat project health supplement
[PDF] Dairy and dairy goat project record - University of Florida
[PDF] Introduction to the New Hampshire 4-H dairy goat project
[PDF] Let's compare dairy goats and cows - OK State University
[PDF] Your dairy goat - Oregon State University


[PDF] Evaluating wool on the live animal - CA Wool Growers
[PDF] Exploring wool judging with 4-H - University of Wyoming
[PDF] Judging wool and mohair - Texas A&M University
[SlideShare] Wool judging | PDF by Susan Schoenian


[PDF] 4-H club goat guide - Mississippi State University
[PDF] 4-H dairy and market-meat goat record guide
[PDF] 4-H goat activity page - University of Tennessee
4-H goat program at University of Tennessee
4-H goat programs @ Cornell University
4-H goat project book - Louisiana State University
[PDF] Breeding goat esssentials - Texas 4-H
Goats (dairy, hair, meat) at Utah 4-H
[PDF] Goats and the youth exhibitor
Goat projects at Florida 4-H
[PDF, FLYER] Goat showmanship guide - American Goat Society
[PDF] Goat showmanship manual - JudgingConnection recommended
[PDF] Ideas for goat learning activities advanced level - Ohio State
[PDF] Your first goat project - University of Maryland

Livestock judging

Cyber Judging
[PDF] Inspecting and handling sheep in judging contests
Judging 101
The Judging Connection

[PDF] Judging breeding goats in Tennessee
Judging classes - Colorado State University
[PDF] Judging market goats in Tennessee
[PDF] Judging performance classes - University of Kentucky
Judging wool sheep - Colorado State University
[PDF] Learning through judging - Washington State University
[PDF] Live lamb evaluation - University of Florida
[PDF] Livestock judging contest scoring procedures - Texas A&M
[PDF] Livestock judging guide for 4-H members - Kansas State
[PDF] Livestock judging manual - South Dakota State University
Livestock judging techniques - University of Missouri
Mississippi 4-H livestock judging manual
Online sheep show
[PDF] Priorities for judging sheep - Judging connection
[PDF] Sheep judging manual - Mississippi State University recommended
[PDF] Study guide for judging meat goats - University of Kentucky

Meat goat

[PDF] 4-H meat goat advancement guide - Oregon State University
[PDF] 4-H meat goat guide - Texas AgriLife recommended
4-H Meat goats at Cornell University
[PDF] 4-H meat goat production: an introduction - University of Wyoming
[PDF] Managing and showing market goats - University of Arkansas
[PDF] Market goat health record - Wash State University
[PDF] Meat goat breeds ... 4-H market goat management - Univ. Minn.
Mid-Atlantic 4-H Market Goat Project Guide | PDF by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Selecting a 4-H meat goat project manual - Central Wash
[PDF] Raising and showing meat goats - Colorado State University
[PDF] Reference guide: 4-H meat goat project - Penn State University
[PDF] Showmanship for market goats in Tennessee
[PDF] So, you want to do meat goats - by Frank Pinkerton
[PDF] What makes a good showman? - Judging Connection

Pack goat

[PDF] 4-H Pack Goat Project Handbook
[PDF] 4-H Pack Goat Project - North Amer Pack Goat Association

Quality assurance

Maryland 4-H Animal Husbandry and Quality Assurance Program
Meat Quality Assurance - Colorado State University
Quality Assurance and Food Safety for Arizona Youth


[PDF] 4-H bucket/bottle lamb project guide - Iowa State
[PDF] 4-H cloverbud sheep project - University of Idaho
[PDF] 4-H market lamb record guide - West Virginia University
[PDF] 4-H Show lamb guide - Texas AgriLife recommended
Club lamb management guide - Mississippi St. Univ. | PDF
Feeding show lambs --> go to Lamb and Kidding Feeding page
[PDF] Fitting and showing market lambs - Club lamb page
Getting started in the 4-H sheep project - Purdue Univ. class project
[PDF] Introduction to the New Hampshire 4-H sheep project
Lamb showmanship - Mississippi State University
Management and showing of youth market lambs - University of Arkansas
Market lamb essentials - Judging Connection
[PDF] Market lamb project guide: health care management help raising sheep and club lambs for 4-H/FFA projects
New Jersey 4-H Market lamb project handbook
Selecting a market lamb project and showmanship tips
Selection and management of 4-H market lambs - Purdue University
[PDF] Sheep showmanship - Oklahoma State University
[PDF] Showing and fitting your first 4-H lamb - Clemson University
[PDF] Show lamb selection - Utah State University
[PDF] Successfully slick shearing show lambs - Central Wash
Tips for the market lamb 4-H project - Purdue University
[PDF] Training, showing, and grooming market lambs - Central Wash
[PDF] What does in the lamb show box? - Texas A&M
[PDF] Virginia 4-H ewe flock project guide recommended
[PDF] Virginia 4-H market lamb project guide recommended
Youth market lamb projects by Susan Schoenian


Purple Circle
The Showbox
Show lambs blog
Show to win
Show Wether Information Center


[PDF] Goat bowl sample questions - Cornell University
Goat Skillathon Page by Susan Schoenian
Livestock e-Quiz @ University of Illinois
Livestock Skillathons - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Meat goat expo study guide level III & IV | I & II
Sheep, goat, and livestock online quizzes by Susan Schoenian
Sheep & Wool Skillathon Page by Susan Schoenian
Test your knowledge of goat anatomy


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