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Weeds and weed control

A weed is an "undesirable" plant. While some weeds are very nutritious and preferred by sheep and goats, weeds usually inhibit the productivity of preferred, cultivated pasture plants. Increasingly, sheep and goats are being used for weed control and removal of other unwanted vegetation. On this page, weed-related links are arranged alphabetically according to subject category: control of weeds, (leafy spurge, multiflora rose, and thistles), herbicides, identification of weeds, invasive and noxious weeds, weed science. To learn more about targeted grazing (with sheep and goats), visit the Targeted Grazing web page.

Control of weeds (in pastures)

Control of common pasture and hayfield weeds in VA and WV | PDF
[PDF] Hay crop and pasture weed management - University Tennessee
[PDF] Herbicidal weed control methods for pastures and natural areas...
[PDF] Making pasture weed control decisions - Mississippi State University
[PDF] Managing pasture weeds - University of Massachusetts
Missouri Vegetation Management Guide
[PDF] Mistaken notions about pasture weed control - University Arkansas
Pasture improvement: weed control - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Pasture weed and brush control - University of Arkansas
[PDF] Pasture weed and brush control - University of Missouri
[PDF] Pasture weed control - University of Arkansas
Pasture weed management - University of Florida | PDF
[PDF] Pasture weed management strategies - Michigan State Univ.
[PDF] Rangeland brush and weed control - Kansas State University
Range, pasture, and natural area weed management - Col. State | PDF
[PDF] Weed control for small grains, pastures, and forages - Univ. IL
[PDF] Suggestions for weed control in pastures and forages - Texas A&M
[PDF] Weed control in alfalfa and other forage legume crops - Univ. KY
[PDF] Weed control in forage legumes - South Dak. State Univ.
Weed control in pastures - Manitoba, Canada
[PDF] Weed control in pastures - Mississippi State University
[PDF] Weed control in pastures - University of Maine
[PDF] Weed control in pastures - University of Minnesota
[PPT] Weed control in pastures - Utah State University
[PDF] Weed control in pasture and range: 2009 - South Dak. State Univ.
Weed control in young pasture - ATS NZ
[PDF] Weed management in grass pastures, hayfields, and fencerows
[PDF] Weed management in grass pastures, hayfields, and other...
Weed management in pastures and rangeland - Univ. Florida | PDF
[PDF] Weed management in pasture systems - Penn State University
[PDF] Weed control on rangelands - Oklahoma State University

Leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.)

[PDF] Feasibility of a sheep cooperative for grazing leafy spurge
[PDF] Leafy spurge: biology, ecology, management - MT Sheep Ctr.
Leafy spurge identification and control - North Dak. State Univ.
[PDF] Managing leafy spurge - University of Nevada
Multi-species grazing and leafy spurge manual - Team Leafy Spurge
[PDF] Reducing leafy spurge's impact by using sheep and goats
Team Leafy Spurge

Multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora)

Control of autumn olive, multiflora rose, and tartarian honeysuckle
Mechanical control of multiflora rose - West Virginia University
[PDF] Multiflora rose control - Ohio State University
[PDF] Multiflora rose control in grass pastures - Penn State


Biological and integrated control of musk thistle in Missouri | PDF
Bull and musk (biennial) thistle control in perennial grass crops
[PDF] Canada thistle control in cool-season pastures - Iowa State
[PDF] Canada thistle management in pasture - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Musk thistle control - Kansas State University
Musk thistle control in permanent grass pastures - Purdue University
Perennial and biennial thistle control - North Dak. State University
[PDF] Thistles can be controlled--there's no silver bullet - tectra NZ
Thistle control alternatives - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Thistle control in pastures - University of Arkansas
[PDF] Thistles in pastures and beyond: biology and management


[PDF] Basic guide to weeds and herbicides - University of Wyoming
Forage and pasture herbicides, their characteristics and restrictions
Forage grass tolerence to pasture herbicides - Univ. Florida | PDF
Grazing and haying restrictions for grass forage and pasture herbicides
[PDF] Grazing restrictions by herbicide - USFS
[PDF] Grazing restrictions for pasture herbicides - Rutgers University
[PDF] Herbicide-resistant weeds and their management - Univ. Idaho
[PDF] Herbicides labeled for pasture use - Texas A&M
[PDF] Managing herbicide-resistant weeds - West Virginia University
[PDF] Weeds and herbicides - Penn State University

Identification of weeds

[PURCHASE CD] 1000 weeds of North America: an ID guide
Annual broadleaf weed identification - University of Minnesota
Common weed seedlings of Michigan
Identifying noxious weeds of Ohio
New Jersey Weed Gallery
Pasture weed identification: I. grass and broadleaves | II. trees and vines
Perennial broadleaf weeds of North Carolina
Weed identification @ Weed Science Society of America
University of Missouri Weed ID Guide
USDA Plant database
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide
Weed identification - Northeastern Weed Science Society
Weed identification @ University of Illinois
[PDF] Weed identification and control guide - University Nevada
Weed identification and management @ University of Wisconsin
Weed identification presentations and links - Kansas State Univ.
Weed identification Quiz - Ontario, Canada
Weed identification resources @ Iowa State University
Weed identification tool @ New Mexico State University
Wyoming weed identification site

Invasive and noxious weeds

Center for Invasive Plant Management
Invasive and noxious weeds - Bureau Land Management (BLM)

Invasive and noxious weeds @ USDA PLANTS
Invasive species []
[PDF] Invasive species biology, control, and research: Kudzu - Army Core Eng.
Invasive weed list for North Dakota
[PDF] Noxious weeds of Nebraska: leafy spurge

Weed science

International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds
International Weed Science Society (IWSS)
Iowa State Weed Science
Maryland Weed Science
MSU Weed Science
Penn State Weed Management
UT Weed Science
Weed science @ Oregon State University
Weed science program @ University of Missouri
Weed Science Society of America (WSSA)
Weeds in Ontario
The Weed Web @ Utah State University

Mouthful of weeds
      Goats grazing weedy pasture in Western Maryland