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Water for sheep and goats

Water is the most important nutrient for all livestock. A sheep or goat will drink anywhere from ½ to 4 gallons of water per day, depending upon age, size, production status, ambient temperature, temperature of water, and moisture content of diet. On this page, water-related links are arranged alphabetically by topic: drought, general, pasture water, quality, requirements, watering systems, and winter watering.


[PDF] Assessing water quality for livestock under drought conditions
Livestock water management during a drought - Oregon St.| PDF
Securing livestock water during drought - Canada
Stock water in drought - NSW, Australia
Water vital for livestock during droughts - NDSU

General links

Water: an essential nutrient - Grober Nutrition
Water balance - Int. Livestock Research Institute
Water is the most important nutrient - Noble Foundation 

Pasture water

Fences and livestock water for pastures under center pivot...
[PDF] A guide to managing pasture water - Iowa Beef Center
[PDF] Livestock watering systems for pasture - Nova Scotia
Livestock water supply - University of Maine
Paddock design, fencing, and watering systems... - ATTRA | PDF
Providing water for grazing systems - Ohio State University
Water management on pastures - Ontario, Canada

[PDF] Pasture water systems for livestock - Alberta, Canada
Pasture water systems for livestock - Manitoba Forage Council
[PDF] Watering systems for grazing livestock - Iowa State Univ.
Water requirements for pastured livestock - Ag/Agrifood Canada


[PDF] Analysis of water quality for livestock - Utah State University
[PDF] Assessment of water quality - University of Arizona
Evaluating water quality for livestock - Manitoba, Canada
[PDF] Factors which affect water quality in livestock ponds - Univ. Kentucky
[PDF] Interpretation of water analysis for livestock suitability - SDSU
[PDF] Livestock and water salinity - Western Australia
[PDF] Livestock drinking water quality - Colorado State University
[PDF] Livestock management and water quality - Wash. State Univ.
[PDF] Livestock water intakes and salinity tolerances - S. Australia
Livestock water quality - Beef Briefs, Montana St. University
Livestock water quality - Saskatchewan, Canada
[PDF] Livestock water quality - University of Nebraska
[PDF] Streamside livestock exclusion - Virginia Tech
[PDF] Suitability of water for livestock fact sheet - Mont. State University
Water quality for livestock and poultry - FAO United Nations
[PDF] Water quality for livestock and poultry - New Mex State University
[PDF] Water quality for Wyoming livestock and wildlife
[PDF] Water quality guide for livestock and poultry - Texas A&M
[PDF] Water quality: its relationship to livestock - Texas A&M
Water quality: the animal component - North Dakota State University
Water quality for livestock drinking - University of Missouri | PDF


Livestock and water - North Dakota State University | PDF
[PDF] Livestock watering requirements - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Livestock water supplies - South Australia
Stock water requirements - Making more from sheep
[PDF, 1927] Water consumption by sheep - J Anim. Sci.
Water effects on livestock performance - Ohio State University
[PDF] Water requirements for sheep and cattle - NSW, Australia
Water requirements of livestock - KZN Agriculture South Africa
Water requirements of livestock - Ontario, Canada | PDF

Watering systems

[PDF] The ABCs of livestock watering systems - LPES Curriculum
Alternative livestock watering systems - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Alternative livestock watering systems for pastures and feedlots
[PDF] B.C. livestock watering handbook
Livestock water development - Ohio State University
[PDF] Livestock watering systems in Saskatchewan
Publications and conception plans: water - British Columbia, Canada
Pumping water from remote locations for livestock... - Virginia Tech | PDF
[PDF] Selection of alternative livestock watering systems - Univ. Tenn.
Solar-powered livestock watering systems - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Solar powered livestock watering systems - University of Tenn.
Troughs for watering range livestock - Manitoba Forage Council
Watering systems for livestock - University of Maine
[PDF] Waterers and watering systems - Kansas State University

Winter watering

[PDF] Freeze protection for solar powered livestock watering systems
[PDF] Remote winter watering system - University of Minnesota
Replacing water with clean snow for ewes and beef cows - Ontario, Canada
Water-winter-ewes - North Dakota State University
[PDF] Winter considerations - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Winter outside livestock watering - British Columbia, Canada

Automatic waterer
Sheep drinking from Nelson automatic waterer.