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Viral diseases

A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living organisms. Many are pathogenetic. Viruses cause several common diseases in sheep and goats. On this page, links are organized alphabetically according to disease: bluetongue, caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE), foot-and-mouth disease, louping ill, Nairobi sheep disease, ovine progressive pneumonia (OPP, Maedi visna), rabies, and viruses.


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Bluetongue (BTV) - Fort Dodge®
Bluetongue - Animal Health & Production (AHP)
[PDF] Bluetongue - Iowa State University
Bluetongue - Merck Veterinary Manual
Bluetongue - New Mexico State University
Bluetongue - University of Florida | PDF
[PDF] Bluetongue - USDA APHIS
Bluetongue - Western Cape, South Africa
Bluetongue - World Organization for Animal Health
Bluetongue backgrounder - AVMA
[PDF] Bluetongue in cattle and sheep - NADIS UK
The Bluetongue Triangle - USDA APHIS
Bluetongue virus (BTV) control in sheep and cattle - UK
Images of bluetongue in sheep - Vet Labs Agency
[PDF] Symptoms of bluetongue in sheep
What is bluetongue and how is it spread?

Caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE)

CAE and what it means to you - Boer Goats Home
[PDF] CAE: caprine arthritis encephalitis - National Goat Handbook
Caprine arthritis encephalitis - Amber Waves
Caprine arthritis and encephalitis - Merck Veterinary Manual
Caprine arthritis and encephalitis - Iowa State University | Image
[PDF] Caprine arthritis encephalitis - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Caprine arthritis encephalitis complex -
[PDF] Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus - USDA APHIS
[PDF] Caprine arthritis encephalitis & Maedi visna
Caprine arthritic encephalitis: the silent killer - Onion Creek Ranch
Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis Virus - University of Georgia
[PDF] Clinical features of indurative mastitis caused by CAE virus
New CAE Test -
Raising goats and CAE - Fias Co Farm
[PDF] Preventing CAE and Johne's disease in your dairy goat herd
Update on caprine arthritic encephalitis (CAE) virus

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)

[PDF] Clinical variation in FMD: sheep and goats
Colorado Foot-and-mouth disease information
Foot-and-mouth disease - CIDRAP @ University of Minnesota
Foot-and-mouth disease - Government of Saskatchewan
Foot-and-mouth disease - Sheep Vet Society
Foot-and-mouth disease detail - Texas A&M University
Foot-and-mouth disease - University of Georgia
Foot-and-mouth disease backgrounder - AVMA |PDF
[PDF] Foot-and-mouth disease fact sheet
Foot-and-mouth disease FAQ and Vaccination Petition
Foot-and-mouth disease, information and resources
Foot-and-mouth in goats - Sheep Vet Society

Louping ill

[PDF] Louping ill - Iowa State University
Louping ill - Merck Veterinary Manual
Louping ill - Organic Vet
Louping ill - Public Health Information
Louping ill in sheep - Moredun Foundation

Nairobi sheep disease

[PDF] Nairobi sheep disease - Iowa State University
Nairobi sheep disease - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Nairobi sheep disease - Public Health Information
[PDF] Nairobi sheep disease - World Organisation for Animal Health

Ovine progressive pneumonia (OPP)

[PDF] Control strategies for Maedi visna - Manitoba, Canada
[PDF] Early detection of maedi-visna (OPP)... - J. Vet. Diag. Invest.
Maedi visna - Organic Vet
[PDF] Maedi visna - World Organization for animal health
Maedi Visna and caprine arthritis encephalitis - GoatConnection
Maedi Visna: the disease - University of Guelph | another page
[PDF] OPP: awareness, management, and seroprevalance - USDA APHIS
OPP Concerned Sheep Breeders Society
Ovine progressive pneumonia - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Ovine progress pneumonia (OPP) - Navajo Sheep Project
[PDF] Ovine progressive pneumonia - Pipestone Vet Clinic
[PDF] Ovine progressive pneumonia - USDA APHIS
Progressive pneumonia - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Research on genetic susceptibility to ovine progressive pneumonia - USMARC
[PDF] Whole genome association... ovine progress pneumonia - Wash. St.


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[PDF] Rabies - Kansas State University
Rabies - Ontario, Canada
Rabies - University of Missouri
[PDF] Rabies - Wildlife Damage Control
[PDF] Rabies (hydrophobia) - Wisconsin Division of Public Health
[PDF] Rabies in domestic animals - University of Delaware
Rabies in goats - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Rabies management of livestock -
Rabies prevention in livestock - Ohio State University
[PDF] What you should know about rabies - AVMA

Scours (diarrhea)

Go To Metabolic Diseases Page.

Soremouth (orf)

Go To Skin Diseases Page.


Introduction to viruses - UC Berkeley
Veterinary Virology
Virology Journal

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