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Targeted Grazing

Targeted grazing, also called "prescribed grazing" is a natural approach to vegetation management. Sheep and goats are well-suited to targeted grazing because of their small hooves, selective grazing behavior, and preference for upland grazing. On this page, targeted grazing links are arranged alphabeticallly according to subject category: contract grazers, general links, goats, invasives, resources, sheep, and vineyards and orchards.

Contract grazers

Billy's Mini Farm Goat Grazing Services (California)
Eco-Goats (Maryland)
Goat Browsers (Kentucky)
Goat Central (California)
The Goat Girls Brush Clearing (Massachusetts)
The Goat Lady LLC (Washington)
Goats R Us (California)
J.O. Goat, Co. (California)
Living Systems Innovative Land Management (California)
Rent-A-Ruminant LLC Herds for Hire (Washington)
Vegetative Management Services, Inc.
Well's Farm (North Carolina)

General links

[PDF] Engaging livestock in weed management: a western perspective
[PDF] Prescribed grazing: a tool for weed management - NE IPM Center
[PDF] Prescription grazing for rangeland weed management - Univ. Idaho[PDF] Ranchers harnessing hoofed weed whackers - Western SARE
[PDF] Sheep and goats: ecological tools for the 21st century
[Webinar ] Sheep and Goats: A Weapon Against Weeds - Univ. Maryland
[PDF] Targeted grazing for weed control - Univ. of California
[PDF] Utilization of reclaimed mine pasture species with mixed sp. grazing
[PDF] Weed management using livestock - Univ. of Nevada

(with) Goats

Developing a weed and brush control program using goats - GoatWorld
Goat targeted grazing - eXtension
[PDF] Kudzu-goat interactions: a pilot study - Tuskegree University/USFSPlanning prescribed grazing with goats - Missouri NRCS | PDF
[PDF] Potential for using goats as a vegetative management tool...
[PDF] Recent perspectives on using goats for vegetative management
Use of goats as biological agents for the control of unwanted vegetation
[PDF] Using goats to control brush regrowth on fuelbreaks - USFS
Weed control using goats - Australian Cashmere Goat Association
[PDF] Weed control using goats - Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)


Controlling leafy spurge with goats and sheep - N. Dak. State Univ.
[PDF] Control of invasive plants on North Creek - North Carolina State Univ.[PDF] Economic analysis of controlling leafy spurge with sheep - Univ. Minn.[PDF] Feasibility of a sheep cooperative for grazing leafy spurge
[PDF] Procedures using targeted grazing -invasive plant management
[PDF] Reducing leafy spurge's impact by using sheep and goats
Sustainable grazing to control Phragmites australis - University of Maryland
[PDF] Stocker goats for controlling sericea lespedeza - Langston University


Goats for vegetative management - Meat goat training | PDF
Livestock for Landscapes
[PDF] Managing grazing behavior to accomplish land management goals
[PDF] Sheep grazing guidelines for managing vegetation on forest plantations
[SlideShare] Targeted grazing by Susan Schoenian
Targeted grazing: a natural approach to vegetation management
Targeted Grazing Handbook - American Sheep Industry Association recommended
Targeted Grazing Handbook - California Wool Growers
Targeted Grazing Handbook - University. of Idaho | PDF
[PDF] Targeted grazing client/contract need to know guide step 1
[PDF] Testing sheep grazing as a vegetation management tool in NE Ontario

(with) Sheep

[PDF] Effectiveness of sheep grazing as a management tool...
Nature's weedeaters: Sheep 101 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Sheep as a vegetation management tool in Northern Ontario
[PDF] Sheep grazing as a weed control practice in seedling alfalfa
Sheep grazing effectively controls weeds in seedling alfalfa
Sheep grazing for vegetation control - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Sheep and noxious weed control - Amer. Sheep Industry Association
[PDF] Using sheep for vegetation management in boreal white spruce
Weed control and fire hazard reduction in forest ecosystems with sheep

Vineyards and orchards

Babydoll sheep integrate wine country
Controlled grazing in the management of an apple orchard - EAP McGill
Designing a 'Low input' Warm Climate Orchard Sheep
[DOC] Grazing livestock under orchards - University of Hawaii
[SCRIBD] Grazing sheep in vineyards - Land & Livestock
Heard it through the grape vines: a flock in the vineyard - Sheep! Mag.
Kentucky vintner’s diverse enterprise hosts unlikely farmhands
[PDF] Organic/vineyard Orchard weed management ... using miniature sheep
More use sheep, goats against invasive weeds, vines - USA Today
[DOC] Navarro vineyards
[DOC] Orchard grazing - extracts from Nibbler's online discussion group
Shetland sheep in an orchard
[PDF] Shropshire sheep control weeds in orchards
Trained sheep can provide vineyard benefits - UC Davis
[PDF] Using aversion trained sheep for vineyard floor vegetation control
[PDF] Vines and ovines: using sheep with a trained aversion to grape...

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