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Skin diseases

There are numerous disease conditions that can affect the skin of sheep and goats. Soremouth (orf) is the most common skin disease. It is zoonotic, as are several other skin diseases affecting small ruminants. Links on this page are organized alphabetically by disease: club lamb fungus (ringworm), facial eczema, general skin conditions, lumpy wool, photosensitization, pox, and soremouth (orf).

Club lamb fungus (ringworm)

[PDF] Club lamb fungus - California Dept. of Food & Ag
[PDF] Club lamb fungus - Pipestone Vet Clinic
Club lamb fungus - Virginia Tech | PDF
[PDF] Club lamb fungus: a problem for everyone - Iowa State University
[WORD] Club lamb fungus (atypical ringworm of sheep) - University of KY
[PDF] Club lamb fungus disease - University of Nebraska
[PDF] Preventing club lamb fungus - South Dakota State University
Ringworm and club lamb fungus - Daneke Club lambs
[PDF] Ringworm (club lamb fungus) in sheep - University of Tennessee
Ringworm: a persistant fungus
Ringworm in sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
Ringworm in sheep - Purdue University class project

External parasites

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Facial eczema

[PDF] Development of a slow release bolus for facial eczema
[PDF] Facial eczema - Cambridge Vets
Facial eczema - Totally Vets
[WORD] Facial eczema - VetGate
[PDF] Facial eczema control: the role of pasture species - NZ Res. Brief
Facial eczema: farmer information - Woolshed 1 Blog
Facial eczema of sheep - University of Edinburgh
[PDF] Facial eczema of sheep and cattle - Victoria, Australia
Facial eczema (pithomycotoxicosis) - Merck Vet Manual
Facial eczema: the disease - Taranaki Vet Centre NZ
[PDF] Facing up to facial eczema - Ceres Farm NZ (NZ Sheep Council)
Sheep facial eczema - The Vetservice Group

General skin conditions

[PDF] Common defects of sheep/goat skins in Ethiopia
Common skins diseases in goats - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Differential diagnoses of sheep skin conditions Part I - UKVet
Diseases of the skin - GoatWisdom
Diseases of the skin and eye - VEIN
[PDF] Finding the cause of rubbing sheep - Western Australia
Hair loss in Pygmy goats - Kinne's Mini's
[PDF] Skin disease of food animals and horses - University of Wyoming
Skin diseases (module) - Sheep & Goat Management in Alberta

Lumpy wool

[PDF] Dermatophilosis - Iowa State University
Dermatophilosis - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Mycotic dermatitis (dermatophilosis) of sheep - Sheep Vet Aust.
Lumpy wool in sheep - Queensland, Australia
[PDF] Lumpy wool: a skin disease of sheep - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Lumpy wool (dermo) and fleece rot - Western Australia
Lumpy wool in sheep - Western Australia


Photosensitization - GoatWisdom
Photosensitization - Merck Veterinary Manual
Photosensitization in goats - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Photosensitazation in stock - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Photosensitization of livestock and deer in Texas
[PDF] St. John's Wort Poisoning in livestock - Newf. & Labr., Canada

Sheep and goat pox

[PDF] Sheep and goat pox - Iowa State University | PPT | Images
Sheep and goat pox - Vet Infectious Disease Site
[PDF] Sheep and goat pox: causes, prevention, and treatment - ESGPIP
[PDF] Sheep and goat pox fast facts - Iowa State University
[PDF] Sheep and goat pox - World Org. for Animal Health


Contagious ecthyma (soremouth) - Kinne's Minis
Contagious ecthyma (orf or soremouth) - InfoVets
[PDF] Contagious ecthyma (soremouth) - Iowa State University
[PDF] Contagious ecthyma (soremouth) - LSU Ag Center
[PDF] Controllng soremouth in meat goats - NC State University
Contagious ecthyma in sheep and goats - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
My experience with soremouth - GoatWorld
Orf - Organic Vet
Orf (contagious pustular dermititis) - NADIS UK | PDF
Out of the mouths of sheep - NZ Science Monthly
Recognizing soremouth -
Scabby mouth - NSW, Australia | PDF
[PDF] Scabby mouth - Western Australia
[PDF] Scabby mouth: a disease of sheep and goats - Victoria, Australia
Scabby mouth disease - Pfizer Animal Health
Soremouth in goats -
Scabby mouth in sheep - Queensland, Australia
[PDF] Severe persistant orf in young goats - J. Vet. Diag. Invest.
Soremouth - Clear Creek Farms
Soremouth - GoatWisdom
Soremouth - Onion Creek Ranch
Soremouth pictures - Pipestone Vet Clinic
Soremouth (orf) in sheep and goats by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Soremouth in sheep - University of Tennessee


Boer goat with soremouth
     Boer goat with soremouth (orf)