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General sheep (ovine) links

Sheep (Ovis aries) were one of the earliest domesticated animals. They are raised all over the world for meat, milk, wool, and pelts. They are also used as a model for science and for control of unwanted vegetation. This page contains links to web sites that have numerous articles or publications pertaining to sheep. The links are arranged alphabetically by geographic region: Australia, Canada, International (other), New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States (Great Plains, Midwest, Northeast, South, and West).


Australian Wool Innovation Limited recommended
Beef and Sheep - Victoria
Best Wool Best Lamb
Leading sheep - Queensland, Australia
Making more from sheep
Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)
Sheep CRC
Sheep Industry - Queensland
Sheep - NSW Department of Primary Industries
Sheep Connect - Tasmania
Woolshed 1 Blog


Alberta Lamb Producers
Alberta Sheep Breeders
BC Sheep & Lamb Fact Sheets & Publications
OMAFRA Livestock Index Page recommended
Ranching with sheep
Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board
Sheep - Manitoba

International (other)

Ethiopia Sheep & Goat Productivity Improvement Program
[PDF] Sheep Production in Asia

New Zealand

Beef + Lamb New Zealand recommended
Beef & Sheep @ Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry (MAF)
Tectra: education and training in New Zealand's wool industry

United Kingdom

Sheep diseases @ NADIS
Sheep fact sheets - Livestock Northwest
Sheep | RuralNI
Sheep Veterinary Society

United States

American Lamb Board (ALB) | Facebook | Twitter recommended
American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) | Twitter recommended


Cornell University Sheep Program recommended | Facebook
Maryland Small Ruminant Page by Susan Schoenian
Sheep 101 | Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Shepherd's Notebook Blog by Susan Schoenian
Penn State Sheep Home Study Course
Rural/Farm Knowledge Base (Rural FAQs)
Sheep articles @ Deer Run Sheep Farm
Sheep Production Resources @ University of Vermont
Small Ruminant Dairy Project @ University of Vermont
UMCE Sheep Page (Maine)
West Virginia Small Ruminant Project


FAMU Small Ruminant Program (Florida)
Kentucky Sheep & Goat Development Office
Sheep and Goat Programs at Texas A&M University
Sheep publications - University of Kentucky
Sheep publications - University of Tennessee
Small ruminant publication and links - Alabama CE
TAMU Sheep & Goat Center
Virginia Tech Sheep Extension & Education


Articles by Dr. Joe Rook, Michigan State University recommended
Extension small ruminant guides - Case AgWorld
Illini SheepNet & Meat GoatNet
Ohio Sheep Team recommended
Pine Lane Farm Karakuls Articles
Pipestone Lamb & Wool Program
Pipestone Veterinary Clinic | Articles recommended
Purdue's Sheep Page
Sheep! Magazine Library
Sheep Producer's Web Site @ University of Minnesota
Sheep publications @ Iowa State University
University of Minnesota Sheep Publications
University of Missouri Sheep Publications
University of Wisconsin Sheep Index

Great Plains

North Dakota State University Sheep Fact Sheets
Sheep @ Kansas State University
Sheep fact sheets @ Oklahoma State University


Animal Health Fact Sheets @ Utah State University
CSU Livestock Extension | Sheep Articles
Extension sheep @ Oregon State University
Navajo Sheep Project recommended
Sheep Extension Program @ Montana State University recommended
Sheep | Oregon Small Farms
Treasure Valley Sheep Producers Lamb Educational Info


U of K Hampshire flock
Hampshire flock at the University of Kentucky