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Rabbits (cuniculture)

A domestic rabbit is any of the several varieties of European rabbit that has been domesticated. Rabbits are raised throughout the world for meat, fur, wool, pets, exhibition (show), and research. The practice of raising domestic rabbits for agricultural purposes is called cuniculture. On this page, links are organized alphabetically in drop down lists, according to subject matter: associations, breeding and reproduction, commercial companies, economics, feeding and nutrition, general links, health and diseases, housing, management, pet rabbits, processing, research, tropics, welfare, and youth.


American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)
British Rabbit Council
Idaho Meat Rabbit Growers Association
Ontario Rabbit
World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA)

Breeding & Reproduction

ARBA Recognized Breeds
[PDF] Breeding and reproduction - CARDI
Breeds of Rabbits -
[PDF] The effect of crossing New Zealand White with Californian rabbits on growth and slaughter traits - Res. Inst. for the Biol. of Farm Animals
[PDF] Guide to Breeding Rabbits - FAO
[PDF] Which breed and how to use different breeds - CSIRO, Australia

Commercial Companies (cages, supplies, etc)

Bass Equipment Company
Clerici (Italy)
Cunitec Rabbit Software
Klubertanz Equipment Co., Inc.
KW Cages Advanced Design
Premium Rabbit Supplies
Purina Mills Rabbit Home - rabbit and poultry harvesting equipment
ZooEasy Rabbit Software


Cost of production - Ontario Rabbit
Rabbit budget and cost of production calculator - Ontario
Rabbit Meat Enterprise Budget - Alabama Coop. Ext.

Feeding & Nutrition
General Links

Cuniculture - a web site in French
DebMark Rabbit Education Resource
[BLOG] Exclusively Rabbits
OMAFRA Rabbits Web Site - Ontario, Canada
The Rabbit: husbandry, health, and production - FAO
Rabbits - Ag. Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)
Rabbits - Alt. Farming Systems Info Center (NAL)
Rabbits - Merck Veterinary Manual
Rabbit Geek
[PPT] Rabbit Production
Rabbit Production - Mississippi State University

Health & Diseases

[PDF] Coccidia of rabbit: a review - Czech Rep.
Common problems and diseases of rabbits - Vet. Ctr, NZ
[PDF] Domestic rabbits: diseases and parasites - Oregon State
Fur loss and skin problems in rabbits: common causes and treatments
[PDF] Management and health issues of rabbits - FAMU
Pasteurella and rabbits - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Pathology of the Rabbit
[PDF] Rabbit coccidiosis and its control: a review - World Rabbit Science
[PDF] Rabbit diseases - University of Florida
MediRabbit: the ultimate rabbit medicine resource | English

Housing & Equipment

Commercial rabbit production management wheel | PDF
Rabbitry management - FAO
Summer heat and rabbit production - Alabama | PDF
Winter challenges for rabbit producers - Alabama | PDF

Pet Rabbits
Production Fact Sheets

[PDF] Backyard production of meat rabbits - Texas Agri-Life
[PDF] Backyard production of meat rabbits in Maine
[PDF] Commercial rabbit production - Mississippi State
[PDF] Farming meat rabbits in NSW (Australia)
[PDF] Guidelines for entry into meat rabbit production - Alabama Cooperative Extension
A primer on backyard meat rabbit raising practices - Rudolph's
[PDF] Rabbit management guide - Hubbard Feeds
[WORD] Rabbit Production - ATTRA
[PDF] Rabbit Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
[PDF] Rabbit production in Florida
[PDF] Raising meat rabbits - Cornell University Small Farms
[PDF] Raising rabbits: helpful suggestions for beginners - Washington State University
[PDF] Raising rabbits - Kansas State University
Raising rabbits in the Pacific Northwest
[PDF] Raising rabbits in colonies - Raising Rabbits Essentials
Sustainable Small Scale Rabbit Production - NCAT ATTRA | PDF
What are some of the basics of sustainable meat rabbit production? - ATTRA


European Group on Rabbit Nutrition (EGRAN)
[PDF] First Rabbit Conference of the Americas
Pan-American Rabbit Science Site
The Rabbit Research Program at TAMUK
World Rabbit Science


[PDF] Backyard rabbit farming in the tropics - Jo. to Forever
[PDF] Rabbit production in hot climates - World Rabbit Sci.
[PDF] Rabbit technology for warm climates - TECA FAO
[PDF] Tropical Rabbit Production - Echo Community


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