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Predators and predation

Predators cause significant economic loss to the sheep and goat industry. While the coyote (Canis latrans) accounts for the largest percentage of predator losses in the United States, the type of predator and level of risk to a farm varies by geographic location and production system. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to subject category: (the) coyote (behavior and control), general links, livestock guardians (donkeys, llamas and alpacas, and dogs), management, predator control (lethal and non-lethal), predator damage, and wildlife damage.

The coyote


[PDF] Behavior ecology of coyotes... - University of Nebraska
[PDF] Coyote - Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
[PDF] Coyotes in New York
The Eastern Coyote in Nova Scotia | FAQs
Missouri's coyotes - Missouri Dept. of Conservation
Rancher perceptions of the coyote in Florida | PDF
[PDF] Understanding coyote behavior - UC Davis
[PDF] Understanding the coyote - Kansas State University
Why coyotes become predators - Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency


Are coyotes bothering you? -
[PDF] Controlling coyotes in Tennessee
[PDF] Coyote control in Alabama
[PDF] Coyote control in Alberta
Coyote control in the Eastern U.S. - Mississippi State University
Coyote, managing coyote problems in Kentucky | PDF
Guide to snaring nuisance coyotes - Missouri's coyotes
Guide to trapping nuisance coyotes - Missouri's coyotes
[PDF] How to trap a coyote - Kansas State University
Predator control - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Trapping coyotes - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Trapping depredating coyotes - NASD | PDF
[PDF] BMPs for trapping coyotes in the Eastern US | another
[PDF] Use of snares for capturing coyotes - ICWDM

General links

Predator FAQs by Ron Florence
Predators @ Sheep 101 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Relative risks of predation on livestock posed by ... in Idaho

Livestock guardians

Guard animals for livestock protection - NSW, Australia | PDF
Images of livestock guardians at MyFlickr™ by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Livestock guard dogs, llamas, and donkeys - Colorado St. Univ.
Livestock guardians: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Sheep predator control and guardian animals - Manitoba, Canada
[PDF] The use of alpacas as newborn lamb protectors to minimize...

Guard donkeys

Guard donkeys - HeartsEase Farm
[PDF] Guard donkeys -
Guidelines for using donkeys as guard animals ... Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Protecting livestock with guard donkeys - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Protecting livestock with guard donkeys - Alberta, Canada
Use of donkeys to guard sheep and goats - Texas Dept. of Ag
Use of donkeys to guard sheep and goats -
[PDF] Use of donkeys to guard sheep and goats in Texas

Llamas and alpacas

Alpacas as herd protectors - Australian Alpaca
Guard llamas keep sheep safe from coyotes- National Geographic
[PDF] Guard llamas - International Llama Registry
[PDF] Guard llamas: alternative for effective predator management
[PDF] Guard llamas: a part of integrated sheep protection: Iowa St.
Llama sheep guards - Snake River Llamas
Using llamas and donkeys as predator control - Purdue University
[PDF] Value of alpacas in reducing newborn lamb-fox predation

Protection dogs

[PDF] ASI recommended BMP's for livestock protection dogs
[PDF] Certification for livestock protection dogs - ASI
[PDF] Colorado sheep grazing and livestock protection dogs
Guard dogs for predator control - Lincoln University
Livestock guardian dogs - Livestock Guardian Dog Association
Livestock guardian dogs - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Livestock guardian dogs - Saskatchewan, Canada
Livestock guardian dogs: Sheep 101 by Susan Schoenian
Livestock guardian dogs - USDA APHIS | PDF recommended
Livestock guardian dogs: basics | man's partners
[PDF] Livestock guardian dogs: current use worldwide -
Images of livestock guardian dogs at MyFlickr™ by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Predator control with guard dogs - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Raising and training a livestock guardian dog - Oregon St.
[PDF] A review: the use of livestock protection dogs in association with large carnivores in the Rocky Mountains - Sheep & Goat Res. J.
Use of guardian dogs to protect sheep and goats -


[PDF] Helping producers manage predation - USDA Wildlife Services
[PDF] Predators and sheep management practices in Sonoma Co., Calif.
Predator management - Meat Goat Training | PDF
[PDF] Predator management important in goats, sheep prod. - LSU Ag Center
[PDF] Predation management options - Saskatchewan, Canada
[PDF] Reducing coyote predation through sheep management techniques
Sheep management practices can influence predation - Ontario, Canada
Techniques and tools for predator management - ASI

Predator control

[PDF] An approach to controlling Golden Eagle predation on lambs
[PDF] Bonding of sheep to cattle... Anim Behavior Sci.
Controlling predators on sheep farms: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Controlling predators to reduce production risks... - Florida A&M
[PDF] Integrated fox control - Victoria, Australia
[PDF] Other methods to reduce fox damage - South Australia
Perspective on herd and flock protection -
[PDF] Predator control - Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual
[PDF] Predation control of livestock - UMass
Preventing predation of your sheep flock - Purdue University class project
Protect livestock from predators -
[PDF] Recognizing wild dog and dingo predation - Western Australia
[PDF] Sheep and predator management - ASI
Sheep predator control - Manitoba, Canada


Lethal options for controlling coyotes - Texas A&M University
[PDF] The livestock protection collar - Montana Dept. of Agr.
Livestock protection collar - USDA APHIS | PDF
Livestock protection collar for removing depradating coyotes | PDF
The M-44 sodium cyanide ejector mechanism - USDA APHIS | PDF
[PDF] Proper use of snares for catching furbearers - NASD | PDF


Alternative methods of predator control - Texas A&M
Alternative nonlethal control methods - AgNIC Wildlife Damage Mgt.
[PDF] Coyote-activated frightening devices for reducing...
[PDF] Effects of vichos non-lethal collars in deterring coyote attacks...
[PDF] The electronic guard: a tool in predation control - APHIS
Fencing for predator control - go to Fencing page
[PDF] Managing predator-prey systems: summary discussion
[PDF] Michigan fox & coyote non-lethal snaring guide
[PDF] Non-lethal alternatives for predation management - Univ. Nebr.
Non-lethal control - Australian Government
[PDF] Non-lethal techniques for managing predation: repellents
Predator control for sustainable and organic livestock - ATTRA | PDF
Review of nonlethal techniques - Mountain Lion Foundation
[PDF] Testing fladry as a non-lethal control tool for reducing wolf...
[PDF] Wolf predation trends and the use of fladry barriers...

Predator damage

Addressing the consequences of predator damage... - Virginia Tech | PDF
Coyote damage assessment - eXtension
[PDF] Dealing with wolf predation on the ranch - Wyoming Dept. Ag
[PDF] A descriptive study of dairy goat predation in Louisiana
[PDF] Guide to identifying livestock predation - New Mex State Univ.
How to differentiate between coyote and dog predator on sheep - Ontario
Interpreting the physical evidence of predation...- Univ. FL | PDF
Livestock and animal predation identification - ICWDM
Monitoring impacts of fox predation - Australian Government
[PDF] Predation of livestock: recognising the signs - Queensland, Australia
Predator Guide - Texas A&M recommended
[PDF] Relative risks of predation on livestock ... USDA
[PDF, poster] Visual guide to interpreting physical evidence...

Wildlife management

Internet Center for Wildlife Damagement
National Wildlife Research Center
Wildlife conflict management @ Purdue University
Wildlife Damage Management @ USDA APHIS recommended
Wildlife damage management @ eXtension
Wildlife management @ Texas A&M

The guardians

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dog