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Poisonous plants and plant toxins

Poisonous plants and other plant toxins are a major cause of economic loss the the sheep and goat industry. Many cases of plant poisonings are never diagnosed or suspected. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to topic or toxicity: ergot, fact sheets, fescue toxicosis, general links, listings and tables, management, molds and mycotoxins, nitrate poisoning, prussic acid poisoning, ryegrass staggers, and searchable databases.


Dallisgrass ergot - Toxic Plants of Texas
Ergot - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Ergot - North Dakota State University
Ergot - Vet Med Library @ University of Illinois
[PDF] Ergot disease in cereals - SAC UK
Ergot in cereal crops and grasses poses threat to livestock
Ergotism - Merck Vet Manual
Ergot in sorghum - Queensland, Australia
[PDF] Ryegrass ergot - Wheat Growers Assoc. Australia.

Fact sheets

[Word] Alpaca breeder's rough guide to poisonous plants
[PDF] Azalea Toxicity in Goats - LSU Ag Center
Australian Native Poisonous Plants
Edible and poisonous plants for goats - Fias Co Farm
[PDF] Guide to toxic plants in forages - Purdue University
Plants known to be poisonous to goats - GoatWorld
[PDF] Plant poisoning of livestock in Vermont
Poisoning of livestock by plants - Ontario, Canada
Plants poisonous to livestock - University of Minnesota
Plants poisonous to livestock - University of Missouri | PDF
[PDF] Plants poisonous to livestock in Newfoundland and Labrador
[PDF] Poisonous plants - Alt Vet Med Centre
[PDF] Poisonous Plants - Auburn University
Poisonous Plants - Extension Goat Handbook
Poisonous plants for Louisiana livestock in fall
[PDF] Poisonous plants of Pennsylvania
[PDF] Poisonous plants on Arizona rangelands
Poisonous weeds of pastures and forages - University of Wisconsin
[PPT] Rangeland plants poisonous to livestock
[PDF] Rhododendron poisoning in sheep and goats - J. Vet. Clin.
Some plants of Kentucky poisonous to livestock

Fescue toxicosis

[PDF] Cattle vs. sheep in their reponses to fescue toxins
Diagnosis of the tall fescue endophyte - Purdue Univ.
Endophte fescue toxicity - GoatWorld
Fescue toxicosis and management - PMN International | PDF
Tall fescue toxicity in goats - Onion Creek Ranch
Tall fescue toxicosis - University Missouri | PDF
[PDF] Weight gain and intake of meat goat does fed . . .

General links

Canadian Poisonous Plants Information Center
OMAFRA Poisonous Plant Quiz
The Poison Plant Patch - Nova Scotia, Canada
USDA ARS Poisonous Plants Research Laboratory

Listings / tables

[PDF] Annotated checklist of poisonous range plants of New Mexico
[PDF] Common plants poisonous to livestock in Maryland
Common weeds poisonous to grazing livestock - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Guide to plants that are poisonous to horses and livestock
[PDF] List of plants known to be poisonous to animals in the U.S.
[PDF] Plants poisonous to livestock in the Southern U.S. - Univ. Ark.
Plants that are poisonous to alpacas
[PDF] Plant poisonings in livestock - UC Davis
Poisoning of livestock by plants - Ontario, Canada
Poisonous plants and plant parts - Texas A&M University
Poisonous plants commonly found in pastures - Oregaon Small Farms
Poisonous plants for livestock in Kittitas County
Poisonous plants found in Minnesota
[PDF] Poisonous plants in pastures - University of New Hampshire
Poisonous plants of the Southern United States
Poisonous plants to goats - Florida Cracker Boer Goats
Poisonous range plants of Temperate North America - Merck Vet
Toxic plants and the common caprine - Cornell University


[PDF] Behavioral Strategies for Coping with Poisonous Plants
Does drought contribute to livestock losses from poisonous plants?
Do most livestock losses result from "poor" range management?
Do you have poisonous weeds in your pastures and forages?
Losses from poisonous plants, poor feed and water quality
Minimizing livestock plant poisoning on Western Nebraksa rangelands
[PDF] Reducing poisonous plant problems through grazing - Texas A&M
[PDF] Poisonous plants and the goat herd - Sweetlix®
[PDF] Reducing livestock losses to poisonous plants - Texas A&M

Mold and mycotoxins

[PDF] Aflatoxicosis and Ruminants - University of Maryland
[PDF] Aflatoxins and animal health - Kansas State University
[PDF] Aflaltoxicosis and livestock - South Dakota State University
[PDF] Disease risks posed by poorly fermented silages
Global Mycotoxin Information Resource (
Moldy feed for sheep and goats - University of Minnesota
Mycotoxicoses in domestic animals - Merck Vet Manual
[PDF] Mycotoxin concerns in sheep and meat goat feeding - Purdue Univ.
[PPT] Mycotoxins - Purdue University
[PDF] Stored grain: alfatoxins and aflatoxicosis
[PDF] Toxic contaminants in harvest forages- Utah State University
Understanding and preventing aflatoxin poisoning - Noble Foundation
Understanding mycotoxins - Colorado State University
What do I do if mycotoxins are present? - Ohio State University
[PDF] Zearalenone concerns in reproducing livestock - Purdue University

Nitrate poisoning

[PDF] Forage nitrate poisoning - South Dakota State University
[PDF] Nitrate accumulation in drought stressed corn and forages
Nitrate risk in forage crops FAQs - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Nitrate toxicity - Iowa State University
Nitrate and nitrate poisoning of livestock - Victoria, Australia
[PDF] Nitrate and nitrate poisoning of livestock - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Nitrate and prussic acid toxicity in forage - Kansas State
Nitrate poisoning - Colorado State Univ. | PDF
Nitrate poisoning of livestock - North Dakota State University
Nitate poisoning in cattle, sheep, and goats - University of Wisconsin


Go to Skin Diseases page.

Prussic acid poisoning

[PDF] Prussic acid - University of Arkansas
Prussic acid poisoning - Colorado State University | PDF
[PDF] Prussic acid poisoning - Kansas State
[PDF] Prussic acid poisoning in livestock - New Mexico St. University
[PDF] Prussic acid poisoning of livestock - University of Maryland

Ryegrass staggers

[PDF] Annual ryegrass toxicosis - Victoria, Australia
Perennial ryegrass staggers - Merck Vet Manual
Perennial ryegrass staggers - Tasmania, Australia
Perennial ryegrass staggers - UC Davis
[PDF] Perennial ryegrass toxicosis - MLA
Perennial ryegrass toxicosis - Victoria, Australia

Searchable databases

FDA Poisonous Plant Database
Guide to poisonous and toxic plants - U.S. Army
Indiana Toxic Plants
Plants poisonous to livestock - Cornell University
Poisonous Plants Home Page @ Univrsity of Penn Vet School
Poisonous plants of North Carolina
Toxic plants of Texas - Texas AgriLIFE Extension

   Nightshade can be toxic to livestock.