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"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

George Washington Carver

Internal parasite control

One of the biggest challenges facing sheep and goat producers is how to effectively control internal parasites in their flocks and herds. Gastro-intestinal parasites are especially a problem in warm, moist climates. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to subject matter: anthelmintics, anthelmintic resistance, diagnostics, FAMACHA©, Five Point Check©, general sites, immunity, internal parasite control, and refugia. Alternative methods of parasite control can be found on the Alternative parasite control page.


Anthelmintics for sheep - University of Sydney
[PDF] Available sheep anthelmintics (dewormers) - by Joe Rook
Benzimidazoles in a wormy world - Online Vet J.
[PDF] BVA guidance on the use of anthelmintics in grazing animals
[PDF] Anthelmintics for sheep and goats by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Extra-label use of ivermectin and moxidectin - FARAD
Halve your anthelmintic - Moredun Foundation
[PDF] Responsible drenching of goats - Australian Boer Goat Association
[PDF] Sheep anthelmintic products - UK
[PDF] Sheep drench combinations, resistance, and "refugia" - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Target worm control for better returns - SCOPS UK

Anthelmintic resistance

Anthelmintic resistance - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Anthelmintic resistance and managemen of GI parasites...
[PDF] Anthelmintic resistance and the changing landscape ...
[PDF] Anthelmintic resistance and the control of worms
[PDF] Anthelmintic resistance on sheep farms - NADIS UK
Avoiding anthelmintic resistance in sheep flocks - Dalehead Vet Group UK
Chemical resistance in livestock: an overview - Farrer Centre
[PDF] Detection of anthelmintic resistance in nematodes...
[PDF] Dewormer resistance in sheep and goat production
[PDF] Drench resistance and sheep worm control - NSW, Australia
Drench resistant worms in sheep: current myths & half truths
[PDF] A farmer's guide to smart drenching - Smart Drenching NZ
Drench resistant worms in sheep - how to test for worm burdens
[PDF] Helminths: anthelmintic resistance - FAO United Nations
[PDF] Management and control ... total anthelmintic failure - Sweden
[PDF, Thesis] Managing anthelmintic resistance...
[PDF] Prevalence of anthelmintic resistance on sheep farms in NZ
[PDF] Prevalance of anthelmintic resistance... southeastern U.S.
Understanding anthelmintics by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Worms and drench resistance


Carla™ Saliva Test - New Zealand AgResearch
[PDF] Dag score - Sheep Improvement Ltd. NZ
[PDF] Dag scoring - Sheep Ireland
Diagnosis of internal parasites in goats - Langston University
Doing your own fecals is easy - Onion Creek Ranch
Doing your own research and fecal egg counts - SCSRPC
The Drench Game - Smart Drenching New Zealand
DrenchRite® Larval Development Assay -University of Georgia
[Simulator] Egg counting - University of Sydney
Egg counts: techniques and timing - University of Pennsylvania
Fecal analysis techniques - University of Pennsylvania
[PPT] Fecal egg analysis (password: fecal) by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Fecal egg count - Elis. Murdoch College Vet School students
[PDF] Fecal egg counting (modified McMaster technique) - Sheep Genetics
Fecal egg counts and effective worm control - Sheep Vet Online
Fecal egg counts (interpretation) - Vet Manual, NSW, Australia
Fecal egg counts: what do they tell us? - by William Shulaw recommended
Fecal testing: a MUST! - Jack & Anita's Boer Goats
Haemonchus contortus identification - Oregon State University
Haemonchus dipstick - Sheep CRC
How to do home fecal testing - Fias Co Farm
How to do your own fecal exam - Biology of the Goat
How to test for worm burdens - Wool Shed 1 blog
[PDF] Modified McMaster egg counting . . . - SCSRPC
[PDF] Pathology and diagnosis of internal parasites in ruminants - NSW
Sheep and goat fecal analysis - Microbus
[PDF] Sheep worms: testing drench resistance and drug effectiveness
[PDF] Use of fecal egg counts and a simple method for FEC...
[PDF] Worm test for livestock and guide to egg counts - NSW, Australia


Eye to eye: diagnosing internal parasite - New Agriculturist
[PPT] FAMACHA© - University of Maryland by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] FAMACHA© - University of Tennessee
[PDF] FAMACHA© : a low cost tool - SCSRPC
FAMACHA© Information Guide - SCSRPC | PDF
[PDF] FAMACHA© parasite monitoring system - University of Minnesota
[PDF] FAMACHA© principles - University of Minnesota
[PDF] FAMACHA© system for managing haemonchosis ...
Haemonchus contortus and the FAMACHA© system - Smallstock in Development
Monitor lamb/kid worm burden - Ohio Sheep Team
[PDF] Using the FAMACHA© system on commercial sheep farms
[PDF] Using the FAMACHA© system to evaluate GI nematode resistance...
[PDF] Validation of the FAMACHA© eye colour chart ...

Five Point Check©

Five Point Check© for Targeted Selective Treatment - SciVerse


Smart Drenching recommended
American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control recommended
WormBoss @ Australian Wool Innovation


[PDF] Evaluation of immune response to H. contortus ...(Ph.D. dissertation)
[PDF] Immunological aspects of nematode parasite control in sheep
[PDF] Sheep immunity to GI nematode parasites: a review

Internal parasite control

Conflicting information about worm control by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Control of GI parasites in sheep and goats - British Columbia
Control of internal parasites in sheep - Virginia Tech | PDF
[PDF] Control of internal parasites in sheep and goats - Ethiopia SGPIP
[PDF] Control of internal parasites of sheep - Iowa State University
Controlling goat parasites: is it a losing battle? - GoatWorld
Dr. J.P. Lautenslager's deworming program ... - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Effective parasite control in sheep - Coopers Anim. Health
Fighting and winning the parasite battle in sheep - Purdue University
Gastrointestinal parasite management of meat goats - NCSU
[PDF] Gastro-intestinal parasite survival kit for goats
[PDF] Goat parasite management: application of farm... - University of KY
[PDF] Goats: internal parasite control - CALU UK
[PDF] Guide to parasites in sheep - Alberta Sheep/Wool Commission
A gut feeling: deworming goats - Science in Africa
Handbook for control of internal parasites of sheep and goats - Ontario, Canada | Ontario Sheep
[PDF] Herd Handbook: control of parasites in goats - Florida A&M
[PDF] Internal parasite control for meat goats - Langston University
[PDF] Internal parasite control in grazing ruminants - University of Wisconsin
Internal parsite control in sheep - University of Georgia
[PDF] Internal parasite control in sheep in Oklahoma
[PDF] Internal parasite control in sheep: reference manual - Sheep CRC
[PDF] Internal parasite control in sheep: trainer guide - Sheep CRC
Internal parasite (worm) control: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Internal parasites in sheep: management issues for Merinos
[PDF] Management of internal parasites in goats in the Philippines
[PDF] Management tips for internal parasite control... - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Managing internal parasites in goats - Penn State University
Managing internal parasites in sheep and goats - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Managing internal parasitism in sheep and goats - Purdue
[PDF] Parasite concerns in sheep - Oregon State University
[PDF] Parasite control in farm animals: present and future
Parasite control in sheep and goats - Louisiana State University
Parasite control in sheep while grazing - Purdue University
Parasite control for goats (a six part series) - SCSRPC
[PDF] Practical management of internal parasites in goats - FVSU
[PDF] Sheep worm control: summer vs. winter drenching - NSW Australia
[SlideShare] Susan's Ten commandments for worm control by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Strategies to control parasites in goats - by Gil Myers
[PDF] Steps to effective internal parasite control - ASI TwoPLUS
[PDF] Worm control in sheep - CTA Practical Guide


Drench resistant worms in sheep: refugia - Wool Shed 1 blog
Refugia: secret weapon against drug resistant worms
[PDF] Role of targeted treatments in development of refugia...
[PDF] Using undrenched ewes as a source of susceptible worms...
[PDF] The value of refugia in managing anthelmintic resistance: modelling
What is refugia? - Smart Drenching New Zealand
[PDF] Worms in refugia: a tool to delay drench resistance

Good FAMACHA©  color
The FAMACHA© system can be used to make selective
deworming decisions (in situations where the barber
pole worm is the primary parasite).