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Parasites (Worms)

Sheep and goats can be infected by many different kinds of internal parasites. The parasites are adapted to different climatic conditions, have different life cycles, and vary in their ability to inflict damage to the host. The links on this page are organized alphabetically according to topic: flukes, general parasitology links, lungworms, meningeal worms, sheep measles, tapeworms, and trichostrongylus. There is a separate page for coccidia (coccidiosis).

Click on the title bars to open and close the drop down lists. Use the menu on the left to find links on specific topics.

All of the links on this page were last verified April 29, 2014 . Please report broken links to Susan Schoenian at

Barber Pole Worm
Haemonchus contortus (image by Sue Howell)