WILD AND WOOLLY is a quarterly newsletter for sheep and goat producers and anyone else interested in small ruminants. It is published by University of Maryland's Western Maryland Research & Education Center. The newsletter is written, edited, and compiled by Susan Schoenian (Extension Sheep and Goat Specialist) and Pam Thomas (Administrative Assistant).

The newsletter can be accessed for FREE from the Internet and may be viewed as either an HTML or PDF document. The PDF document maintains the original formatting of the printed newsletter and requires fewer pages to print. To view and print PDF files, you need a PDF viewer. One is available at www.adobe.com. Newsletters are also now published on ISSUU, a digital publishing platform.

Mailed copies of the newsletter are available for a cost recovery fee of $10 per year. Checks made payable to the University of Maryland should be sent to Wild & Woolly, Western Maryland Research & Education Center, 18330 Keedysville Road, Keedysville, MD 21756, tel. (301) 432-2767 ext 343 or 315, fax (301) 432-4089, e-mail: sschoen@umd.edu or pthomas@umd.edu.

In lieu of receiving a mailed copy of the newsletter, you can subscribe to the newsletter listserv so that you'll receive an e-mail message when a new issue of the newsletter has been posted to the web. To subscribe to the listserve, send an e-mail to listserv@listserv.umd.edu. In the body of the message, write subscribe sheepandgoatnews.

Between issues of the newsletter, be sure to visit the Shepherd's Notebook blog. You can also subscribe to the blog listserv so that you'll receive blog entries via e-mail. To subscribe to the blog listserve, send an email to listserv@listserv.umd.edu. In the body of the message, write subscribe shepherdsnotebook.

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