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Good management is the key to successful sheep and goat production and ownership. On this page, links pertaining to sheep and goat management are arranged alphabetically according to subject category: basic care and info, disaster management, fact sheets, getting ready (for lambing and kidding), getting started, lambing and kidding, management calendars, organic, pets, production guides, record keeping, and weaning.

Basic care and info

An illustrated guide to sheep and goat production - ATTRA recommended | PDF
[PDF] Basic meat goat facts - North Carolina State University
[PDF] Care and management of goats and sheep - Jamaica Government
Dairy goat fact book
General information about dairy goats - ADGA
Goats and more goats - 4-H Farm
Sheep 101 by Susan Schoenian
Sheep facts - North Carolina State University

Disaster management

Caring for animals during extreme heat - Victoria, Australia | PDF
Caring for livestock during disaster - Colorado State University | PDF
The Disaster Handbook - University of Florida | farm recovery
Disaster planning for livestock - University of Vermont
[PDF] Disaster preparedness for livestock - University of Florida
[PDF] Flood-related diseases in livestock and poultry - University of Arkansas
Hurricane preparedness for livestock - Polk County Sheriff's office
Livestock preparedness and recovery - Texas AgriLife
[PDF] Managing heat stress returns dividends - West Virginia University
[PDF] Managing livestock health after a flood... - Nat'l Ag Safety Data
[PDF] Protecting livestock during a flood - Nat'l Ag Safety Database
[PDF] Protecting livestock from heat - Nat'l Ag Safety Database
NDSU Farm and Ranch Disaster Information
[PDF] Water, heat stress, and drought - ATTRA/NCAT

Fact sheets

Dairy goats: sustainable production - ATTRA | PDF
Dairy sheep - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Goats in Alaska
[PDF] Meat goat production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
Meat goat production and management - Langston University
Meat goat production and marketing - Ohio State University
Meat goat selection and care - Mississippi State University
Meat goats: sustainable production - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Raising goats for meat - University of Maryland by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Sheep health and management - Oklahoma State University
[PDF] Sheep management on the STAR sheep production system
Sheep on shares - North Dakota State University
[PDF] Sheep production in South Carolina
Sustainable sheep production - ATTRA | PDF

Getting ready for lambing and kidding

Getting ready for lambing: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Getting ready for lambing and kidding by Susan Schoenian
[SlideShare] Getting ready for lambing and kidding by Susan Schoenian
Lambing time is around the corner - South Dakota State University
[PDF] Pre-lambing ewe management - Pipestone Vet Clinic
[PDF] Pre-lambing management of ewes - Kansas State University
[PDF] Preparation for lambing - NADIS UK
Preparing for kidding - Onion Creek Ranch
Sheep management tips: late fall - Virginia Tech | PDF

Getting started

Are you thinking of raising sheep? - University of Maine
Chet's practical guide to starting a sheep enterprise - University of Vermont
Developing a sheep enterprise - University of Kentucky | PDF
Getting into sheep: an introductory guide - Western Australia recommended
Getting started: a guide for the new or prospective dairy goat owner
[PDF] Getting started in sheep dairying
Getting started in sheep - Saskatchewan, Canada
[PDF] Getting started in the meat goat business - FAMU
[PDF] Getting started with sheep: emphasis on commercial...
Going into goats: profitable producers' best practice guide ML Australia
[PDF] Intro to dairy sheep farming: getting started - by Bee Tolman
[PDF] Introduction to sheep production in the UK
Meat, milk, or wool?: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Quick start guide for newcomers to the Boer industry
Sheep production as an alternative enterprise - Alabama CES
[PDF] Starting a sheep enterprise - Oklahoma State University
[PDF] Starting a sheep flock - Navajo Sheep Project
Starting or expanding your sheep flock - University of Minnesota
Thinking of raising sheep? - Ohio State University
Why do you want to raise sheep: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian

Lambing and kidding

Care of ewes and lambs at lambing time - University of Missouri
Detecting labor - Jack & Anita Maudlin's Boer Goats
Early vs. late lambing: which is best? - Purdue University
Goat kidding -
The ideal lambing season - Purdue University
Kidding - Fias Co Farm
[PDF] Kidding - Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual
Labor and kidding - Jack & Anita Maudlin's Boer Goats
[PDF] Lambing - Alabama Coop. Extension recommended
[PDF] Lambing and kidding for the first time - University of Maryland
Lambing FAQs by Ron Florence
[PDF] Lambing management - Meat Promotion Wales
Lambing systems: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Management at lambing time - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Managing lambing and kidding - Cornell University
Management at kidding - ACGA Goat Notes
Success at lambing time - Ohio State University
[PDF] Suggested lambing and kidding supplies - by Susan Kerr

Lambing and kidding date calculators

Breeding calculator - BioTracking
Due date gestation chart - | New due date calendar
Kidding and lambing date calculator
Lambing date calculator - Montana State University
Lambing and Kidding date calculator - PBS Animal Health

Pasture lambing / kidding

[PDF] Biology and management of low-input lambing in easy care...
[PDF] Building pasture cover for lambing - Agriseeds New Zealand
A decade of pasture lambing - Tamarack Lamb & Wool
[PDF] Experiences with pasture lambing - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] The ins and outs of pasture lambing - Iowa State University
Lambing ewes outside ... - Ohio State University
[PDF] Lambing outdoors - Meat/Livestock Commission, UK
Pasture lambing - Ohio Sheep Team
[PDF] A pasture system for prolific sheep - University of Wisconsin
Relax: it's lambing time - Ranching with sheep

Management calendars

Dairy goat management calendar - AGDA
Goat herd health calendar - Virginia Tech | PDF
[PDF] Goat herd health calendar - Mississippi State University
Goat management calendar - Jack & Anita Maudlin's Boer Goats
Meat goat management wheel - University of Missouri | PDF
[PDF] Meat goat production calendar - University of Arkansas
[PDF] A planning calendar for sheep health and management - Okla. St.
[PD] Quality lamb production calendar - West Virginia University
Sheep management calendar - Montana State University | PDF
[PDF] Sheep management calendar - Oregon State University
[PDF] Sheep management calendar - University of Tennessee
Sheep management calendar - Virginia Tech | PDF recommended

Organic production

Go to organic page


Basic management of pet sheep - Queensland, Australia
Introductory information on pet goats - GoatWorld
Raising goats as pets -
Sheep and goats as pets by Susan Schoenian
Sheep as pets: Sheep 101 by Susan Schoenian
Taming sheep and goats - Suite 101®.com

Production guides

Dairy goat production guide - University of Florida | PDF
[PDF] The Goat Guide - ADM Allliance Nutrition, Inc.
[PDF] Hair sheep production in the U.S. Virgin Islands
[PDF] Introduction to sheep production in Ontario
Montana Farm Flock Sheep Production Handbook
Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Guide recommended
Self-teaching manual in hair sheep production - FAO United Nations
Sheep 201: a beginner's guide to raising sheep by Susan Schoenian
Sheep and goat production handbook for Ethiopia
Sheep Pocket Guide - North Dakota State University
Sheep production & management - New Mexico State University
Sheep Production Binder - Ontario Sheep recommended
[PDF] Sheep Production Guide - ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc.
Sheep Production Guide - Oregon State University | PDF
Small Ruminant Pocket Guide - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
Virtual Toolbox - Canadian Sheep Federation recommended
Web-based training and certification program for Meat goat producers recommended

Record keeping

[PDF] Animal identification and record keeping - Ontario Sheep
Animal identification and record keeping: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Establishing a record keeping system for goats - FAMU
Forms for keeping flock records - Critter Haven
Herd record keeping 101 -
Record keeping and the use of measurement - ACGA Goat Notes
[PDF] Sheep flock records book - Scottish Government
[PDF] A short pencil is better than a long memory - by Carol Elkins


Early weaning lambs - North Dakota State University | PDF
Early weaning of lambs - Ontario, Canada
Early weaning of lambs - Western Australia
[PDF] Early weaning of lambs - Gain Feeds
[PDF] Early weaning of lambs - West Virginia Department of Ag
[PDF] Effect of preweaning diet on lamb's rumen development
[PDF] Effect of weaning age on lamb performance - World J Ag Sci
[PDF] Effects of weaning lambs in two stages or by abrupt ...
[PDF] Lactation, Lamb Growth, and the Weaning Decision - Beef+Lamb NZ
Management of ewes and lambs at weaning - Purdue University
Weaning a kid goat - South Africa Boer Goats
[PDF] The Weaning Decision - Beef+Lamb New Zealand recently added
[PDF] Weaning decisions and summer ewe feeding -HATA NZ
Weaning kids - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Weaning lambs at 30 days of age - University of Wisconsin
Weaning lambs: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Weaning lambs from dairy sheep - Grober Nutrition
Weaning weaners -
When to wean lambs - Lifestyle Block NZ


Holding a baby
Webmaster holding one of her goats (Boer x Kiko x Alpine).