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Animal agriculture

Animal agriculture is the single largest sector of agricultural economies and accounts for more than 50 percent of agricultural GNP in most developing and transitioning countries. Besides being important sources of food, animals supply society with many other products and services. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to animal enterprise: fish, beef cattle, bees, buffalo and bison, dairy cattle, dairy beef, deer and elk, ducks and geese, earthworm, equine, gamebirds, general, poultry, ratite, squab, swine and veal. There are separate pages for camelids, cervids, and rabbits.

Aquaculture (fish)

Aquaculture in Mississippi
Aquaculture Network Info Center (AquaNIC)
[PDF] Catfish farming in Kentucky
Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center
Fresh water fish farming - VA Tech | PDF
Indiana Fish Farming
Louisiana Fisheries
Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center
National Seagrant
NOAA Aquaculture Program

Beef cattle

Adding value to beef production
A*L*O*T Angus Association's Page O'Ag Links
Beef cattle @ eXtension
Beef Cattle Production Home
Beef Production for Small Farms | PDF
Beef @ Purdue
Beef Stocker USA
Cow-Calf Corner at Oklahoma State University
National Cattlemen's Beef Association (
NDSU Beef Publications
[PDF] Raising beef cattle on a few acres - Mississippi State Univ.


Apiculture program at NC State University
The Beekeeping Resource Guide
[PDF] Beekeeping - Penn State Ag Alternatives
Beekeeping (apiculture) - ATTRA | PDF
HAS The Heartland Apiculture Society
Mid-Atlantic Apiculture

Buffalo and bison

Bison Production - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Bison Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
Center for Bison and Wildlife Health
Commercial Bison Production - North Dakota State University
Handbook of Bison Production
National Bison Association

Dairy cattle

Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research
Dairy-L Home Page
Owning a dairy cow or goat | PDF
University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Profitability
UW Madison Department of Dairy Science

Dairy beef

Dairy Beef - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Dairy Beef Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
Dairy beef @ Iowa State University
Dairy beef quality assurance
Dairy beef production @ University of Minnesota

Deer and elk

[PDF] Elk Production - Penn State Ag Alt.
[PDF] Fallow Deer Production - Penn Stage Ag Alternatives
North American Deer Farmers Association
[PDF] Red Deer Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives

Ducks and geese

Brooding and rearing ducklings and goslings - University of Missouri
Brooding of domestic fowl - Virginia Tech | PDF
Duck Laboratory @ Cornell University
Duck raising - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Duck raising in the Philippines
Geese raising - NSW, Australia
Geese: the underestimated species - FAO United Nations
A management program for raising breeder duck flocks - NCSU
Management requirements for waterfowl - VA Tech | PDF
Raising ducks - University of Minnesota
Raising geese - University of Minnesota
Raising geese - UC Davis
[PDF] Raising ducks in small flocks - UC Davis


Baitworm Production - ATTRA | PDF
Earthworm Biology - University of Florida | PDF
[PDF] Earthworm Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
Home worm production - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Raising earthworms successfully - NCSU
[PDF] Use of goat manure for earthworm production


Acreage Equines
Center for Equine Health @ UC Davis
Equine Science Publications @ TAMU
The Feed Barn
Horses and horse information
Horse Information Center
Kentucky Equine Research
Ultimate Horse Site


[PDF] Bobwhite Quail Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
Gamebird production - University of Florida
Raising gamebirds - UC Davis
[PDF] Partridge Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
[PDF] Pheasant Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
Pheasant raising - NSW, Australia
That Quail Place

Livestock @ ATTRA
[PDF] Livestock for small acreage landowners - Texas A&M
OMAFRA Livestock Index Page
Ranch and Livestock Links
Vermont Livestock
Virtual Livestock Library


American Pastured Poultry Producers Association
Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc.
Maryland's Poultry
Pastured Poultry Resources
Penn State Poultry Extension
Poultry Hub
Poultry Pages @ University of Connecticut
Poultry Pages
Poultry science technical information - NC State University
The Poultry Site
Poultry U @ the University of Minnesota
A small scale ag alternative: poultry - Virgnia Tech | PDF

Ratite (ostrich, emu, rhea)

Ratite production: ostrich, emu, and rhea - ATTRA | PDF
Ratites - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Ostrich Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives
[PDF] Rhea Production - Penn Stage Ag Alternatives

Squab (pideon)

Bird Health: pigeons
Pigeon management - University of. Minnesota
[PDF] Squab production - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Squab raising - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Studies in pigeon nutrition - UC Davis

Swine (hogs, pigs)

American Association of Swine Veterinarians
Hog Production Alternatives - ATTRA | PDF
Illini PorkNET
Iowa Pork Industry Center
National Pork Producers Council
Ohio Pork Information Center
The Pig
Pork @ Purdue
Pork Information Gateway
University of Nebraska Pork Central

Veal calves

American Veal Association
Management of grain-fed veal calves - Ontario, Canada
Raising Dairy Veal - Ohio State University
The Veal Farm
The Veal Information Gateway
Veal Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives

Hereford cattle

  Hereford ranch in Oregon