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Lamb & Kid Care

Sometimes lambs and kids are raised with very little intervention. Other times, various management practices are performed. It depends on the farm and the need of the neonate. This page contains links pertaining to castrating, disbudding, docking, grafting, neonatal care, processing, tube feeding, and welfare.

Artificial Rearing


[PDF] About castrating and urinary calculi - NY State 4-H Meat Goat Project
Castrating - GoatWisdom
Castrating buck kids - Langston University
[PDF] Castrating lambs and calves - University Arizona
[PDF] Castrating large ram lambs - Pipestone Vet
Castration and tail docking - Wool Shed 1 blog
[PDF] Castration and tail docking of lambs - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Castration of sheep and goats - Ethiopia Project
[PDF] Comparison of short-scrotum and wether lambs
Do I castrate or not? - GoatWorld - | How to castrate
The EZE Bloodless castrator as an alternative
[PFD] Short scrotum method of castration in lambs - EBLEX


Build a disbudding box - Kinne's Mini's
Build a kid holding box -[PDF] Disbudding - NY State 4-H Meat Goat Project
Disbudding and dehorning goats - Onion Creek Ranch
Disbudding, descenting, and dehorning goats - InfoVets
Disbudding of calves and kids - Lifestyle Block NZ
[PDF] Disbudding kid goats - Texas Extension
Disbudding the kids - Granny's Best blog
Disbudding young kids - Penn State Meat Goat Home Study
Horns, horn information and how to disbud kids - Fias Co Farm
Smoke get in your eyes (disbudding) - Kinne's Mini's


[YouTube] AVMA's Policy on Docking of Lamb's Tails
Docking and castrating - Sheep 201
Docking, castrating, and disbudding | PDF
Docking lambs - InfoVets
Docking lambs - Lifestyle Block NZ
A guide to docking lambs - The Rural
Sheep tail length - Ontario, Canada
Two shakes of a lamb's tail: Sheep 101

Grafting (fostering)

[PDF] Fostering lambs by odor transfer
[PDF] Fostering techniques in sheep
[PDF] Grafting: a lamb saving management tool - Univ. Illinois
[PDF] Grafting or fostering new lambs - ISBONA
[PDF] Lamb coats - Navajo Sheep Project

Neonatal Care

Baby care - GoatWisdom
Care of newborn lambs - Sheep 201
Helping the newborn lambs - Smallholder Series
Newborn goat kids - eXtension
Newborn lamb management - Virginia Tech | PDF
Saving premature kids - Kinne's Mini's
Weak and abandoned newborns - Onion Creek Ranch


[PDF] Baby lamb processing - Pipestone Vet
Baby lamb processing - Purdue University class project
Best practice marking of lambs - Western Australia

Tube Feeding

How to tube feed a kid - Kinne's Mini's
How to tube feed a kid goat - GoatWorld
Stomach tubing sick goats - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Stomach tubing young lambs - Newfoundland Labrador
[PDF] Tube a lamb, save a life - Utah State University
[PDF] Tube feeding neonatal small ruminants - Washington State
[YouTube] Tube feeding a kid
[YouTube] Tube feeding a lamb - Farmercial
Tube feeding (esophageal feeder) - InfoVets
Tube feeding lambs and kids
Tube feeding weak kids -
Using a stomach tuber - Premier 1


[PDF] Analgesia for surgical husbandry procedures in sheep and othe livestock
[PDF] Length of docked tail and incidence of rectal prolapse in lambs - J. Anim. Sci.
[PDF] Providing pain relief - Organic Farming
[PDF] Welfare Implications of tail docking of lambs - AVMA
The Welfare of docking and castrating lambs

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Swallowing the tube
Tube feeding saves lives of lambs and kids.