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Hay and silage

Harvested forage crops are an important component of most sheep and goat feeding programs. Some producers produce their own forage crops, while others purchase harvested forages for their livestock. This page contains links pertaining to buying hay, general links, economics, making, marketing, quality, and storage; silage and silage storing; and straw.

Buying hay

[PDF] The art of buying standing hay - Angus Journal
Buying and selling hay - University of Minnesota
Dealing with high hay prices - Purdue University
[PDF] Hay buying strategies - Angus Beef Bulletin
[PDF] Know your requirements when purchasing hay - Sask. Can.
Purchasing quality hay - North Dakota State University
[PDF] Tips for buying hay - University of Georgia
What to look for when buying hay - Washington State University

General links

Determining hay and forage needs for your goats - Onion Creek
[Excel] Hay calculator for livestock producers | Instructions
Hay production resources - Cornell University
[PDF] What about hay? - by Rich Machen
[PDF] What kind of hay is best for goats? - Sweetlix®

Hay economics

[PDF] Can you really afford to raise hay? - TAMU
The dollars and sense of hay production - Mississippi State University
Dry round bale storage costs - University of Wisconsin
Economics of hay production and harvesting - University of Kentucky
Economics of hay storage - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Estimating costs of pasture and hay production - Iowa State
[PDF] Forage economics - NC State University
Forage economics and budgets - University of Wisconsin
Hay cost of production worksheet - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Hay: produce or purchase? - TAMU
[PDF] Hay production costs cut by... - West Virginia University
[PDF] Hay production economics - University of Georgia
[PDF] Orchardgrass hay - Colorado State University
[PDF] What does that bale of hay really cost? - University of Maryland

Hay making

[PDF] Alfalfa hay production - University of Idaho
[PDF] Calculating hay yields - Purdue University
[PDF] Cut hay early to get the most out of plastic wrapping - WVU
[PDF] Grass hay production - University of Idaho
[PDF] Growing alfalfa for hay - Montana State University
[PDF] Guidelines for producing quality forage - University of Florida
Hay FAQ's by Ron Florence recommended
Haymaking - FAO United Nations
[PDF] Haymaking - University of New Hampshire
Hay making equipment - Penn State University
[PDF] Hay production: balancing yields and qualiaty - Mississippi State
[PDF] Hay production in Florida
[PDF] High quality hay production - University of Tennessee
Large round bale safety - Virginia Tech | PDF
Large round bales: management - University of Missouri
[PDF] Management of hay production - University of Arkansas
Management tips for round bale hay ... - Virginia Tech | PDF
Net wrap or twine? - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Producing high quality hay - University of Georgia
[PDF] Producing quality oat hay - RIRDC, Australia
[PDF] Producing high quality orchardgrass and timothy hay - Univ. Calif
[PDF] Proper handling and curing of hay - West Virginia University
Quality hay production - University of Kentucky | PDF
[PDF] Ten points for producing hay - Washington State University

Hay marketing

The basics of marketing cash hay - Manitoba, Canada | PDF
Buying and selling hay and straw - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Factors affecting hay supply and demand in Tennessee
Factors to consider when marketing hay - University of Wisconsin
Hay marketing - Penn State University
[PDF] Marketing and pricing alfalfa hay - Oklahoma State University
[PDF] Marketing hay by nutritive value and weight - TAMU
[PDF] Marketing hay in Tennessee
[PDF] Marketing hay - Saskatchewan, Canada

Hay quality

[PDF] Evaluating forage quality by visual, pH, and DM - Penn State
[PDF] Evaluating hay quality - Univrsity of Maryland
Hay quality evaluator - Rural Heritage Back 40
[PDF] Hay quality - University of New Hampshire
[PDF] Hay quality: the great variable ... - Sweetlix®
High-quality hay production - University of Tennessee
[PDF] How to judge hay quality visually - University of Delaware
Hay quality - Ohio State University
[PDF] Relative forage quality... - University of Georgia
[PDF] Understanding RFV and RFQ - South Dakota State University

Hay storage

[PDF] Choosing forage storage facilities - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Cost effective round bale storage - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Don't lose scarce & expensive hay through storage or feeding
[PDF] Forage feedout losses for various storage systems
[PDf] Guard against unnecessary losses in hay value - Colorado State
Guidelines for hay storage in Ontario
Hay loss chart - The Big Bale Box
[PDF] Hay loss from storing round bales outside - Oklahoma State Univ.
[PDF] Hay storage management considerations for Alaska
[PDF] Indoor hay storage: dry matter loss and quality changes
Maintain or improved stored hay quality - University of Florida | PDF
[PDF] Management to minimize hay waste - University of Nebraska
[PDF] Minimizing losss in hay storage and feeding - Clemson University
Plastic wrapping and storage of square bales - University of Wisconsin
Preserving the value of dry stored hay - University of Minnesota
[PDF] Round bale hay storage in Kentucky
[PDF] Round bale hay storage - Oklahoma State University
[PDF] Round bale hay storage - Penn State University
[PDF] Round bale storage - West Virginia University
Round bale storage costs - West Virginia University
Round bale storage techniques - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Storing hay: are you losing out? - Sweetlix®

[PDF] Storing large round bales outside - Kansas State University

Silage, haylage, and balage

[PDF] 10 points for top quality balage - Mike Kettle Consulting
All you ever wanted to know about balage... - FarmNews NZ
[PDF] Bagged conventional silage - University of Arkansas
Balage: a method of increasing usable forage value per acre
Balage: silage in a bag - by Lee Clift
Balage: silage in the bag - by Clive Dalton
Balage: tips for success - University of Maryland
Baled haylage for sheep - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Baled silage for livestock - University of Arkansas
Baling forage crops for silage - University of Kentucky | PDF
[PDF] Corn silage - University of Tennessee
Ensiling tropical forages - FAO United Nations
Feeding sheep corn silage - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Grass silage - West Virginia University
Growing small grains for forage in Virginia | PDF
[PDF] Harvesting silage - NSW, Australia
Haylage and other fermented forages - North Dakota State University
Harvesting, storing, and feeding forages... - University of Florida | PDF
Kansas State University Silage Team home page
Maintaining qualty in large bale silage - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Making quality silage - CSIRO Aust.
Pasture silage - KZN Agriculture South Africa
Round bale silage - Ohio State University
Silage - SmallStock in Development
Silage Advisory Centre (UK)
Silage for goats - Dairy Goat Journal
Silage-Hay-Haylage - University of Florida
[PDF] Silage-making for small scale farmers - USAID
Using silage bags - Sioux Auto Center
[PDF] Using silage to finish lambs - Meat/Livestock Australia
Wrapped silage: key points - LifeStyle Block NZ

Small scale silage making

[PDF, poster] Evaluation of grass clippings as a feed source
How to make silage in a plastic barrel - eHow
How to make silage in garbage bags - eHow
[PDF] Little bag silage - FAO United Nations
Little bag silage - SmallStock in Development
[PDF] Silage making for small scale farms - USAID

Storing silage

[PDF] Chopping and storing quality corn silage - Utah State University
[PDF] Deciding on a silage storage type - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Preventing silage storage losses - University of Wisconsin
Silage storage - Ontario, Canada


[PDF] Cereal straw production - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Impact of removing straw from wheat and barley fields
[PDF] Straw production - University of Maryland

Round bales
   Round bales in Pennsylvania