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Grazing is the use of grasses and other plants to feed herbivores, such as sheep and goats. Most sheep and goats graze at least a portion of the year. On this page, grazing links are arranged by subject category: controlled grazing, extending the grazing season, grazing behavior, grazing management, grazing systems, management-intensive grazing, multispecies grazing, prescribed grazing, riparian grazing, rotational grazing, silvopasture, and stocking rates.

[PDF] Grazing - Canada Sheep
Grazing: Sheep 101 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Grazing alfalfa - University of Kentucky @ NDSU
[PDF] Grazing practices: a review of the literature - NCSU
[PDF] Great grazing with sheep and goats - ATTRA
[PDF] A guide to grazing requirements for goats - Vict. Australia

Controlled grazing

Controlled grazing - West Virginia University
Controlled grazing: a proven management practice - Wash State
[PDF] Controlling grazing: balancing... - Michigan State University
Controlled grazing of Virginia's pastures | PDF
[PDF] Designing a controlled grazing system for goats - Sweetlix®
Prescribed grazing management to improve pasture productivity...
Principles of controlled grazing - Manitoba Forage Council

Creep grazing

Go to Lamb and Kid Feeding page.

Extending the grazing season

[PDF] Extending grazing and reducing stored feed needs - MW Forage
Extending grazing season reduces cost - West Virginia University
[PDF] Extending the grazing season - Extension Central
[PDF] Grazing corn: an option for extending... - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Guide to year-round forage supply - Iowa State University
[PDF] Managing for a year-round forage supply - University of Maine
[PDF] Putting forages together for yearround grazing - KY Forage
[PDF] A quick guide to extended grazing - Manitoba, Canada | HTML
Strategies for extending the grazing season - Penn State | PDF
[PDF] Supplemental pastures for sheep - University of Nebraska
[PDF] The use of turnips to extend the grazing season - SDSU
Winter grazing @ Cornell University
[PDF] Winter grazing: an overlooked opportunity - Michigan State Univ.
Winter rye for extending the grazing season - Ohio State

Grazing behavior

Animals as grazers - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Current topics in behavior-based grazing research
[PDF] Diet selection and grazing behavior - University of Maine
[PDF] Foraging behavior: experience or inheritance? - University of Idaho
[PDF] Grazing animal management and behavior
[PDF] Grazing behavior - DEFRA UK
[PDF] Interpreting grazing behavior - Texas AgriLife
[PDF] Managing grazing behavior - University of Idaho
[PPT] Sheep grazing behavior - University of Idaho
What do goats really like to eat? - Australian Cashmere Goat

Grazing management

Grazing management - Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Grazing management 101 - University of Arizona
[PDF] Grazing management - University of Maryland
Grazing management for healthy soils - Managing Wholes
Grazing management @ Oklahoma Rangelands
[PDF] Grazing management concepts for rangelands
[PDF] Improving small ruminant grazing practices - WV
Pasture and grazing management @ Oregon Small Farms
Pasture and grazing management @ The Univ. of Vermont
[PDF] Pasture, rangeland, and grazing management - ATTRA | HTML
Principles of grazing management - WV University
Sheep grazing management - Virginia Tech | PDF
Small acreage grazing management - Colorado State University

Grazing systems

[PDF] Developing a grazing system - Miss. State University
[PDF] Developing grazing system for sheep and goats - Miss. State
Grazing management systems - Ontario, Canada
[PPT] Grazing management systems - University of Nebraska
Grazing systems - LifeStyle Block NZ
Grazing systems - McGill University
Grazing systems - West Virginia University
Grazing systems - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
Grazing systems planning guide - Universit of Minnesota
[PDF] Pasture systems and grazing systems - Iowa State University

Management-intensive grazing (MIG)

Adoption of intensive grazing systems - Journal of Extension
Getting started grazing - Ohio State University
Getting started with intensive grazing - Manitoba, Canada
[PPT] Intensive grazing - Mississippi State University
Intensive grazing @ TAMU
[PDF] Intensively managed rotational grazing systems for irr. pasture
Management intensive grazing (Rotation) - New Zealand
[PDF] Management-intensive grazing in Indiana
[PDF] Principles of management intensive grazing - WV University

Multispecies grazing

[PDF] Bonding to facilitate multispecies grazing - NDSU
[PDF] Goat browsing and multispecies land use - Oregon State
[PDF] Influence of grazing sheep and cattle together...
Multispecies grazing - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Multispecies grazing and leafy spurge - USDA ARS
[PDF] Multispecies grazing for leafy spurge control - Manitoba, Canada
[PDF] Multispecies grazing in Oklahoma
[PDF] Multispecies grazing: opportunities and pitfalls
[PDF] Sheep and multispecies grazing - ASI

Prescribed grazing

Go to Weed Page.

Riparian grazing

BMPs to control the effects of livestock grazing on riparian areas
[PDF] Grazing management for riparian areas - Mich. State Univ.
Managed grazing in riparian areas - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Riparian area management - BLM
Riparian areas - Oregon State University
Riparian grazing - Washington State University
[PDF] Sheep and riparian/watershed management - ASI
Strategies for livestock management in riparian areas in New Mexico
Stream and riparian area management @ Montana State University

Rotational grazing

4 steps to rotational grazing - Penn State | PDF
[PDF] Cell grazing: getting started on your place - Kerr Center
Designing a rotational system - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Economic issues in rotational grazing - NCSU
[PDF] High-intensity, year-round rotational grazing - Leopold Center
[PDF] Livestock distribution in riparian areas - British Columbia
[PDF] Pastures for profit: a guide to rotational grazing - Univ. Wisconsin
Rotational grazing - University of Kentucky | PDF
[PDF] Rotational grazing doesn't have to be complicated - by Joe Rook
Rotational grazing: livestock systems guide - ATTRA | PDF
[PDF] Rotational grazing: will it pay? - Mississippi State University


[PDF] Agroforestry silvopasture - University of Kentucky
Animals in agroforestry - The Overstory
[PDF] The biology of silvopastoralism - University of Nebraska
[PDF] Converting a pasture to a silvopasture in the Pacific NW
[PDF] Domestic stock grazing to enhance woodland diversity (UK)
[PDF] Goats among trees: a silvopasture possibility - Univ. Florida
[PDF] Sheep grazing in forestry - Victoria, British Columbia
Sheep in trees - Shropshire Sheep Breeders Association
[PDF] Silvopasture: an agroforestry practice - University of Nebraska
[PDF] Silvopasture: an agroforestry practice - USDA Forest Service
Woodland livestock grazing - University of Florida

Stocking rates

[PDF] Animal unit months, stocking rate, and carrying capacity - Man. Can.
[PDF] Determining your stocking rate - Utah State University
Generalized average stocking rates - NDSU
Grazing management: stocking rate - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Guidelines for setting a proper stocking rate - University of Idaho
How many goats per acre? - Onion Creek Ranch
Pasture stocking density and relationship to performance - Univ. FL | PDF
[PDF] Pasture stocking rate - University of Georgia
[PDF] Stocking rate and grazing management - Kansas State
[PDF] Stocking rate and grazing management - Texas AgriLife
[PDF] Stocking rate: the key to successful livestock prod. - Okla. St.
[PDF] Stocking rate: the most imp. tool in the tool box - Univ. Hawaii
[PDF] Understanding pasture stocking rate and carrying capacity - Univ. MD

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   Katahdin lamb grazing in Western Maryland