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General goat links

Along with sheep, goats (Capra hircus) are one of the earliest domesticated species. They are raised all over the world for meat, milk, hair, and skins. Increasingly, they are kept as pets and used to control unwanted vegetation. This page contains links to web sites that contain numerous articles or publications pertaining to goats. The links are arranged alphabetically according to subject category or source: dairy goats, fiber goats, general goat links, meat goats, pack goats, and university sites.

Dairy goats

American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) recommended
Dairy goat care and management
Dairy Goat Cooperative (NZ)
Dairy Goat Journal
Dairy goats @ Purdue University (under construction)
Dairy Goat Info of the Serious Kind (no longer updated)
Goat dairying information
Goat management articles by George Haenlein
Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association

Fiber goats
Capricorn Cashmere
Goat fiber information

General goat links

All Things Goat
Australian Goat Notes
The Biology of the Goat recommended
Cyber Goats
Goat articles by Sweetlix® recommended
Goat Connection ... for everything goat!
The Goat
Goat health and husbandry information from Fias Co Farm
Goat Kingdom
Goat Library by Sale Creek Veterinary Services
Goats - NSW, Australia
The Goat Source the home for goat lovers
Index of articles at Caprine Supply
Kinne's Mini's | articles
MLA Goat Producers (Australia)
Onion Creek Ranch | articles
SSRsi's Goat Farming Page
Useful goat information from Hoegger Goat Supply

Meat goats

Articles by Clear Creek Farms
Australian Boer Goats
Information page at Bar None Meat Goats
Boer and Meat Goat Information Center recommended
Boer Goats Home
Jack & Anita Maudlin's Boer goat web site
South African Boer Goats
Texas Goat

Pack goats

Edelweiss Acres
Northwest Pack Goats & Supplies

University sites

Animal Physiology Lab @ TSU (Dr. Richard Browning's page) recommended
E (Kika) de la Garza Inst. for Goat Res. @ Langston University recommended
Ethiopia Sheep & Goat Productivity Improvement Program recommended
FAMU Small Ruminant Program
Goat extension program @ University of Tennessee
Goat management @ Cornell University
Goat research & education @ University of Kentucky
Illini SheepNet & Meat GoatNet
Meat goat home study course at Penn State University
Meat goat information @ North Carolina State University
Meat goats @ SIPAC
Meat goat web site @ Oklahoma State University
National Goat Handbook @ University of Wisconsin | Alternative link
Notes on goats by Sandra Solaiman (Tuskegee University)
Small ruminant publications by Alabama Coop. Extension
West Virginia Small Ruminant Project

Goat fun
   Meat goat herd at Delaware State University

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