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Hoof Health

Hoof health is an very important aspect of sheep and goat management. Sheep and goats with hoof problems will usually fail to perform to their genetic potential. Lameness can also be a welfare issue. The two most common diseases affecting the hooves of sheep and goats are footrot and foot scald. These diseases are most prevalent in moist climates and during wet times of the year. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to subject matter: footrot and scald, general information, genetic resistance, hoof care, hoof trimming, lameness, other hoof diseases, and treatment, control, and eradication (of footrot).

Footrot and Footscald
Avoid footrot like the plague - Purdue University
[PDF] Contagious footrot - Utah State University | An Update
Contagious footrot in goats - eXtension
[PDF] Footrot and foot scald - Pipestone Vet
[PDF] Guide to footrot in sheep - Alberta Sheep
Footrot or scald: which is it? - Ohio State University
[PDF] Footrot in cattle and sheep - Kansas State
Footrot and scald in goats and sheep - Alabama | PDF
[PDF] Footrot in sheep and goats - Purdue University
Footrot in sheep and goats - NSW, Australia | PDF
[PDF] Footrot in sheep - Newfoundland/Labrador
Hoof rot (footrot) - Boergoats Home
Hoof rot, hoof scald, and hoof abscesses - Onion Creek Ranch

General Information
Feet and Hooves - My Flickr™ images
Footrot - New South Wales, Australia
Footrot - Western Australia
Footrot in Sheep - Universities Warwick/Bristol
Sheep Foot Health Research & Education @ University of Maine recommended

Genetic Resistance (to footrot)
Breeding for resistance to footrot - Springer
[PDF, poster] Breeding for resistance to footrot in sheep
[PDF] Breeding for resistance to footrot in UK Sheep
Genes involved in footrot: patterns of inheritance
Is it possible to breed sheep for footrot resistance? - BSAS
[PDF] Natural footrot control through breeding sheep with resistance
[PDF] Update on breeding for resistance to footrot

Hoof Care
Goat hoof care and footrot prevention - eXtension
[SlideShare] Goat hoof health and management | PDF
Hoof care - Sheep 201
[PDF] Hoof anatomy, care, and management in livestock - Purdue University
[PDF] Hoof care for goats - Sweetlix®
Pain management for foot and joint lesions
[PDF] Practical Hoof Care - Navajo Sheep Project
Sheep foot care and diseases - University of Kentucky
[SlideShare] Sheep hoof health and management | PDF
[PDF] Take extra care of hooves in wet weather - Sweetlix®

Hoof Trimming
Foot trimming of sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
Hoof trimming - InfoVets
Hoof trimming - NYS Dairy Goat Project | Meat Goat Project
Hoof trimming - Onion Creek Ranch
Hoof trimming - Fias Co Farm
Hoof trimming in goats - GoatWorld
Hoof trimming 101 -
[YouTube] How to prevent sheep foot rot - University of Maine
How to trim goat hooves the right way - Boer Goats Home
[PDF] How to trim sheep hooves by Samaneh Azarpazhooh
Foot disorders and how to trim hooves - Daneke Club Lambs
[PDF] How to trim the hooves of sheep and goats - ESGPIP
Trimming sheep hooves - Informed Farmers

Dorper lameness - Flock & Herd Case Notes
[PDF] Flock Health Planning: Lameness - Meat Promotion Wales
Lameness - Organic Vet UK
Lameness associated with the foot - InfoVets
Lameness in livestock Part 1 | Part 3
Sheep Lameness - EBLEX
[PDF] Lameness in sheep - DEFRA UK
Lameness in sheep - Merck Veterinary Manual
Lameness in sheep or goats - Tasmania, AU | Continued
[PDF] Controlling lameness in sheep - TEAGASC
[PDF] Put your foot down on lameness - TEAGASC
Six common causes of lameness in sheep - Univ. of Warwick
[PDF] Reducing lameness for better returns - EBLEX

Other Hoof Diseases
Foot abscess - Merck Vet Manual
Foot abscess in sheep - NSW, Australia | PDF
Founder in goats - Onion Creek Ranch
Laminitis / Founder - Kinne's Mini's
Septic pedal arthritis - Hindustan Animal Feeds

Treatment, Control, & Eradication of Footrot
[PDF] Construction and operation of a sheep footbath - NewFoundland/Labrador
Control, treatment, and elimination of foot rot - VA | PDF
[PDF] Five-day foot bathing treatment of ovine footrot - Western Australia
[PDF] Footrot control - Oklahoma State University
Footrot control in sheep - Lincoln University
[PDF] Footrot control and eradication - Coopers®
[PDF] Footrot in sheep: control vs. elimination
How to calculate dry ingredients for a foot bath - NC State
Lameness control in sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
Topical footrot treatment - North Carolina State University
[PDF] Why can't I get rid of footrot? - Purdue University

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Hoof trimming video (Dr. Richard Brzozowski)
University of Maine Extension