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Fencing is one of the most important aspects of raising sheep and goats. It usually represents a significant capital investment. Not only must fencing contain stock, but but it must keep all predators out. There are many fencing options. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to topic: electric fencing, fence construction, fence chargers, fencing costs, fence posts, general references, high-tensile fencing, predator control, rotational grazing, and temporary fencing. A list of fencing vendors can be found on the Product and Services page.

Electric fencing

17 mistakes to avoid with electric fencing
The ABCs of electric fencing - LPES Small Farm Fact Sheets
All about grounding - FiShock™
Electric fence designs - British Columbia, Canada
Electric fence design: understand how it works - Sureguard
Electric fencing - KZN Agriculture, South Africa
[PDF] Electric fencing for sheep - Iowa St. University
Electric fencing tips -
Everything you need to know about electric fencing - Manitoba, Canada
Fencing management: electric fencing - Ontario, Canada
Frequently asked questions about electric fencing - Gallagher
[PDF] Grounding electric fences - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Grounding electric fences - UC Davis
[PDF] Grounding systems for electric fences - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Introduction to electric fencing - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Keeping the current flowing - University of Wisconsin
Make a well-grounded (earthed) fence
Stafix Electric Fence Manual
Trouble-shooting problems with electric fences - GoatConnection

Fence construction

Constructing wire fences - University of Missouri
[PDF] Designing a fence - Small Acreages in Oregon recently added
[PDF] Fence -barbed wire - NRCS
Intall an electric fence - Tractor Supply Company
[PDF] New fence construction - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Page Wire Fencing - Canadian Plan Service
[PDF] Planning and building fences for the farm - University of Tennesssee
Selecting wire fencing materials - University of Missouri
[PDF] SpeedRite Fencing Manual
[PDF] Wire fence construction - British Columbia, Canada

Fence chargers

All about fence chargers - FiShock™
[PDF] Electric fence chargers - Beef Cattle Handbook
[PDF] Electric fence controllers - British Columbia, Canada
Electric Fence - Volts, Joules and Deep Cycle Batteries
[PDF] Energizers - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Protecting an energizer from lightening - University of Wisconsin
Selection Chart for Electric Fence Energizers
Selecting energizers - Agrisellex Electric Fencing
Tips for buying and using a solar fence charger

Fencing costs

Estimating costs for livestock fencing - Iowa State University | PDF
Estimating fencing costs -
[PDF] Fence material and construction cost survey in Kansas
Fencing - Colorado State University
Fencing costs - Saskatchewon, Canada
Interactive fencing cost calculator - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Permanent fencing costs for cattle and sheep - University of Minnesota
Virginia Tech Fence Budgets

Fence posts

All about fence posts - FiShock™
[PDF] Line posts - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Post selection - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Setting posts - University of Wisconsin

General references

[PDF] Basics for livestock fencing - UMass Extension recently added Article Fencing
Farm fencing systems - Ontario, Canada
Fencing and watering livestock - University of Nebraska
[PDF] Fences for the farm - University of Georgia
Fencing - GoatConnection
[PDF] Fencing in Alberta
Fencing management: regulations, predators, and maintenance
Fences and Livestock Water for Pastures under Center Pivot Irrigation
Fencing materials for livestock systems - Virginia Tech | PDF
Fencing: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Fencing system (online course) - University of Maine
[PDF] Fencing system (online course) - University of Minnesota
[PDF] Fencing systems for rotational grazing - University of Wisconsin
Goat fencing - Fias Co Farm
Goat fencing - NSW, Australia | PDF
Livestock Fencing
[PDF] Livestock fencing systems for pasture mgt. Miss. State recently added
[PDF] Livestock Fencing Considerations - Acreage Living, Iowa State
[PDF] Planning sheep and goat fencing - Univ. of Illinois
Points to note on fencing - Cashmere Growers, Australia
Purdue Fencing Information
Sheep fencing: what are the options? - Ranching-with-sheep
Types of fencing for goats - Langston University

High-tensile fence

[PDF] Building a high-tensile fence - Bekear Fence
Constructing high tensile wire fences - Virginia Tech | PDF
[PDF] High tensile fence: do's and don'ts - West Virginia University
[PDF] Using high tensile wire - University of Wisconsin
Why build high-tensile fences? - Kencove

Predator control

[PDF] An evaluation of anti-coyote electric fences - Digital Commons
Building an electric anti-predator fence - Oregon State University | PDF
[PDF] Electric fences for reducing sheep losses - APHIS
[PDF] Electric fencing for blackbears - Virginia
Fencing options for predator control - Ontario, Canada | PDF
Protecting livestock from predation with electric fences | PDF
[PDF] Requirements for predator control fencing... Saskatchewan. Canada

Rotational grazing

Paddock design, fencing, and watering systems - ATTRA | PDF
Planning fencing systems for controlled grazing - Virginia Tech | PDF
Planning fencing systems for intensive grazing management | PDF

Temporary fencing

Goat vegetation fencing - eXtension
[PDF] Portable electric fence materials - Beef Cattle Handbook
[PDF] Temporary electric fence materials evaluation
[PDF] Temporary fencing for rotational grazing - University of Tennessee

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    High-tensile, electric fencing