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"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

George Washington Carver

Sheep and Goat Nutrition

Good nutrition is the cornerstone to a successful sheep and goat operation. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to subject category: alternative feeds (crop residues, distillers grains, soy hulls), digestive physiology, drought feeding, feeding grain, feedstuffs, feeding systems, general information, nutrient requirements, ration balancing, and reduced hay rations.

Alternative feeds

Alternative feeds for ruminants - North Dakota State Univ. | PDF
[PDF] By-product feeds for meat goats - J Anim Sci
[PDF] Corn gluten feed - North Dakota State University
Economical alternative feeds for sheep - University of Kentucky
[WORD] Evaluating by-product and alternative feeds...
Feeding food by-products to livestock - University of. Minnesota
Feed blocks: an alternative supplement...under semi-arid conditions
[PDF] Feed blocks from crop residues and industrial by-products...
[PDF] Feeding onions to livestock - South Australia
A guide to feeding field peas to livestock - NDSU
[PDF] Fish meal for sheep: a feed with a very healthy future
[PDF] How to make urea molasses blocks and feed to sheep and goats
[PDF] Nontraditional forages as emergency or supplemental feedstuffs
[PDF] Onions are a safe sheep feed - USDA ARS
[PDF] Pears: an alternative feed - University of California
[PDF] Raw soybeans in the diets of sheep - Kansas State University
[PDF] Pricing alternative feeds - North Dakota State University
Sugar beats as a feed ingredient - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Towards better utilization of non-convention feed sources...
Urea and NPN for cattle and sheep - Colo. State Univ.| PDF
[PDF] Using byproduct feedstuff in grazing nutrition - NM State University
Wheat for animal feed - Ontario, Canada

Crop residues

Cereal crop residues as feed for goats and sheep - Livestock Res.
[PDF] Chaff heaps: a useful source of feed for sheep and cattle
Crop residues as feed for goats and sheep - Lvst Res. Rural Dev.
Crop residues for animal feeding - KZN Ag S.A.
[PDF] Crop residues for livestock feed - Colorado State University
[PDF] Stubbles: their use by sheep - Western Australia

Distillers grain

[PPT] Co-product feeds are "taylor-made" for sheep - SDSU
[PDF] Co-products of the dry milling industry - Iowa Corn
Distillers dried grain with solubles - University of Iowa
Distillers Grain By-Products in Livestock and Poultry Feeds
[PDF] Co-product utilization in the sheep operation - NDSU
[PDF] Efficacy of dried distiller's grain as a replacement...
[PDF] Feeding distillers grains ...improve amino acid nutriture
[PDF] Feeding of DDGS in lamb rations - Sheep/Goat Res Journal
[PDF] Feeding soyhulls and DDGS to sheep - SDSU
[PDF] Influence of dried distillers grain on feedlot performance...
[PDF] Using co-products from the corn milling industry...
[PDF] Using DDGS in mixed lamb diets - So. Dakota State University
[PDF] Value of distiller's grains as a feed for sheep - Purdue University

Soybean hulls

[PDF] Use of soybean hull for ruminants and other species
Use of corn and soyhulls in lamb finishing diets - Ohio State
[PDF] Using soyhulls in livestock and dairy rations - SDSU

Digestive physiology

Anatomy of the digestive system (ruminants) - Tuskegee University
Digestive physiology of herbivores - Colorado State University
[PDF] The digestive system of the ruminant - Newf. & Labr. Canada
Maintaining a healthy rumen: an overview - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Ruminant digestive system - Fort Lewis College
Ruminant digestive system - Royal (Dick) School of Vet Med

Drought feeding

Drought feeding and management of sheep - Victoria, Aust. | PDF
Drought feeding of goats - ACGA Goat Notes
[PDF] Drought handbook: forage/animal edition - University of Maryland
[PDF] Drought management: sheep issues - Scottish Ag College
[PDF] Feeding and managing sheep in dry times - Western Australia
[PDF] A guide to drought feeding of goats - Australia Boer Goat
How useful are blocks and dry licks for livestock in a drought?
Keeping cattle and sheep healthy after drought - Queensland, Australia
[PDF] Managing sheep in droughtlots - Australian Wool Innovation Ltd.
[PPT] Managing the sheep enterprise under drought conditions
[PDF] Sheep feed management strategies for drought - MSU
[PDF] Sheep health and drought feeding - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Strategies for sheep and goat feeding...during a drought
Stretching hay supplies - Purdue University
[PDF] Survival feeding in drought - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Tips for goat producers dealing with the drought - Sweetlix®
Tips for managing ewe flocks with reduced feed resources - WVU
[PDF] Utilizing non-fat dried milk in sheep rations during times of drought
Winter feeding strategies after a drought - Sheep! Magazine

Feeding grain

[PDF] Coping with high priced corn - SDSU
Feeding barley to sheep - North Dakota State University | PDF
Feeding corn to sheep - Alberta, Canada
Feeding grain to sheep during a dry season - Queensland, Australia
[PDF] Evaluating grain for livestock feed - Oregon State University
[PDF] Selecting the right grain ration - Newfoundland/Labrador, Canada
The truth about grain: feeding grain to small ruminants by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Using frost-damaged soybeans in livestock rations - SDSU


[PDF] Characteristics of feed for sheep - Navajo Sheep Project
Cost of feedstuffs calculator - University of Illinois
[PPT] Evaluating feedstuffs for farm livestock
Feed composition for cattle and sheep - Colorado State Univ. | PDF recommended
Feeds for goats - Alabama CES
Feedstuffs for sheep and lambs: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PPT] Feedstuffs used in livestock diets

Feeding systems

[PDF] Cut-and-carry feeding systems for small ruminants - Smallstock in dev.
[PDF] Feeding intervals in range supplementation... - UC Davis
Feeding systems for sheep - Ontario, Canada
Full hand feeding of sheep - NSW, Australia | PDF

General information

[PDF] Improving goat nutrition with forages and supplemention
Animal Nutrition Handbook - Auburn University
Case study: goat preference for concentrates or forage ... - LSU

[PDF] Basic meat goat nutrition -Alabama CES
Digestive system of goats - Alabama CES | PDF
The digestive system of the goat - Cornell University
Frequently asked questions on sheep nutrition - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Fundamental nutritional challenges faced by small ruminant...
[PDF] Goats and their nutrition - Manitoba Goat Association
Sheep digestion - Daneke Club lambs
Sheep nutrition - New Mexico State University
[PDF] Sheep nutrition fact sheet - Saskatchewan, Canada

Nutrient requirements

[EXCEL] Comparison of nutrient costs - by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] The energy and protein nutrition of grazing sheep - Univ. Sydney
Energy and protein requirements of sheep - Making more from sheep
Essential nutrients of sheep - New Mexico State University
Flock nutritional requirements: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Goat nutrition: protein - Texas A&M University
[TABLE] Nutrient requirements for sheep - North Carolina State University
Nutrient requirements of sheep (1985) - NAP
Nutrient requirements of sheep and goats - Alabama CES | PDF
[BUY] Nutrient requirements of small ruminants (2007) - NAP
[PDF] Review of nutritional standards for sheep - BSAS

Ration balancing

Balancing rations: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Formulating rations with Pearson square - Colo. St. Univ. recommended
Goat ration balancing - Penn State Home Study course
[PDF] Least cost rations on your personal computer - University of Arizona
Ration balancing, by hand or by computer - Purdue University
[PDF] Ration balancing on the ranch - New Mexico State University

Online ration balancing

2011 UME Meat Goat Ration Evaluator .XLSX | .XLS by Susan Schoenian
Online Pearson's Square
Ration balancer and nutrient calculator - Langston Univ recommended
[EXCEL] Ration Evaluator by Susan Schoenian
[EXCEL] RationMixer by Susan Schoenian
Sheep feed ration - Montana State University recommended

Reduced hay rations

[PDF] Disaster relief: replacing hay with grain - Mississippi State Univ.
[PDF] Effect of energy as supplied by hay or high concentrate rations...
[PDF] Hay options: when you're short on hay - Oregon State University
Our experiences feeding reduced hay rations - Deer Run Sheep Farm
[PDF] Reduced hay rations - Michigan State University
[PDF] Replacing hay with grain - University of Florida
[PDF] When it is cost effective to limit feed hay - Michigan State University

 Feeding time
Forage should comprise the majority of a sheep or goat's diet.