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"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

George Washington Carver


According to a recent survey by the American Sheep Industry Association, 64 percent of sheep producers identify themselves as commercial. On this page, links related to farm economics are arranged alphabetically according to subject category: business planning, economics, enterprise budgets (dairy goats, dairy sheep, feeder lamb, hair sheep, meat goats, and sheep), farm business management, feasibility studies, and feed costs.

Business planning

AgPlan™ @ University of Minnesota recommended
Business planning: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Developing a plan for raising meat goats - Jack/Anita Maudlin Boer Goats
Evaluating farm resources and sheep production systems - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Farm Business Planning Workbook - University of Maryland

[PDF] Goat farming as a business - Netherlands
INVenture Business planner @ Purdue University

Economics of sheep and goats

[PDF] Can you make money with sheep? - University of Wisconsin
[PDF] Controlling sheep production costs - University of Wisconsin
Critical control points for profitability in sheep production - NDSU
[PDF] Economic analysis of controlling leafy spurge with sheep
Economics of raising sheep and goats by Susan Schoenian
[WORD] Economics of sheep dairying -
[PDF] Financial benefits rearing surplus and orphan lambs - Meat/Wool NZ
[SlideShare] Income opportunities with sheep and goats by Susan Schoenian
Lamb feeding and marketing decisions can affect flock profitability
[SlideShare] Making money with sheep and goats by Susan Schoenian
Milk sheep for profit - Sheep! Magazine
Selecting for success traits: how to make money with sheep - Ohio State

Enterprise budgets

[ZIP] ASI Compendium of sheep enterprise budgets
Budget Library - Ag Risk Library
Decision-making templates - West Virginia University
[PDF] Enterprise budgeting - University of Wyoming
[PDF] Enterprise budget analysis - Penn State Ag Alternatives
[PDF] Enterprise budgets - University of Vermont
[PDF] Enterprise budgets for farm planning - Michigan State University
[PDF] Goat farm budgeting - Meat Goat Training module
[EXCEL] Guard dog budget - West Virginia University
Enterprise budgeting: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
Sheep and goat budgets - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Using enterprise budgets to make decisions about your farm
[PDF] Using enterprise budgets in farm financial planning - OK State Univ.
[PDF] Utilizing enterprise budgets - University of Arkansas

Dairy Goat

100 doe dairy goat herd enterprise budget - Ontario, Canada
400 doe dairy goat herd enterprise budget - Ontario, Canada
Costs and returns for dairy goat, 1500 lbs, 100 does - Rutgers University
Costs and returns for dairy goat, 1800 lbs, 100 does - Rutgers University
Costs and returns for dairy goat, 2100 lbs, 100 does - Rutgers University
Dairy goat enteprise budget - University of Wisconsin | EXCEL
Dairy goat production, a guideline for estimating ... - Saskatchewan, Canada
[PDF] Dairy goats, Fraser Valley - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Dairy goats, Vancouver Island - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] ISU Extension Dairy Goat Budget

Dairy Sheep

[PDF] Dairy sheep - 100 ewes - Kamloops/North Okanagan - BC, Canada
Dairy sheep enterprise budget - University of Wisconsin | EXCEL
[PDF] Sheep dairy costs of production - Manitoba, Canada
[PDf] Yves Berger Dairy Sheep Budget

Feeder lamb

[EXCEL] Feeder lamb budget - Iowa State University
[EXCEL] Feeder lamb/kid budget by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Feeder lamb production budget - Ohio State University | EXCEL
[PDF] Feeder lambs, spring to fall - Virginia Tech | EXCEL
[PDF] Finishing feeder lambs - Kansas State University
[EXCEL] Lamb finishing cost of production calculator - Ontario, Canada
Return to feeding lambs - Cornell University | EXCEL
Store lamb profit calculator - New Zealand Agrifax

Hair sheep

[PDF] Hair sheep, 100 ewes - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] Hair sheep, spring lambing - Virginia Tech | EXCEL

Meat Goat

[PDF] Alabama meat goat enterprise budgets
[PDF] Eastern Kentucky Meat Goat Budget Analysis
[EXCEL] Goat seedstock budget by Susan Schoenian
[EXCEL] Meat Goat Budget by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Meat goat budget - Clemson University
[EXCEL] Meat goat budget - South Dakota State University
[PDF] Meat goat budget - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Meat goat budget - Virginia Tech | EXCEL
[EXCEL] Meat goat enterprise budgets - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Meat goat budget, projeted annual budget for kids sold in 2010 | EXCEL
[PDF] Meat goat enterprise budget for South Carolina
[PDF] Meat goat gross margin (western areas) - NSW, Australia
Meat goat production - Saskatchewan, Canada
[PDF] Meat goat production budget - University of Tennesse
Meat goat production and budgeting - Ohio State University | PDF
[PDF] Meat goats, 25 does, Lower Mainland - BC, Canada
[EXCEL] West Virginia Goat Budget 2004


[PDF] 20 ewes, Lower Mainland, direct marketed lamb - BC, Canada
[PDF] 40 ewes, Lower Mainland, direct marketed lamb - BC, Canada
[PDF] 80 ewes, Lower Mainland - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] 100 ewes, direct marketed lamb, Cariboo - British Columbia, Canada
[PDF] 300 ewes, forestry grazing, Cariboo - BC, Canada
[EXCEL] 2011 Ewe-lamb budget (spring lambing) - Ohio State
[EXCEL] 2011 Ewe-lamb budget (winter lambing) - Ohio State
Costs and returns for spring lamb, 100 ewes - Rutgers University
[PDF] Enterprise budget: sheep - Iowa State Universityrsity| EXCEL
[EXCEL] Ewe cost of production calculator - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Ewe flock, projected budget for lambs sold in 2010 | EXCEL
[EXCEL] Ewe flock budget - Iowa State University
Ewe planner - Saskatchewan, Canada | EXCEL
[PDF] Farm ewe flocks: once-a-year lambing - Kansas State University
[PDF] Manitoba large intensive flock model
[PDF] Range sheep budget - Utah State University
[EXCEL] 2013 Sample Sheep Budget by Susan Schoenian
[EXCEL] SheepFlock - Cornell University
Sheep enterprise budget - University of Vermont
Sheep farming budget worksheet - Agricon Africa
[PDF] Sheep-farm flock: ewes on pasture and lambs on drylot - Univ. Idaho
[PDF] Sheep-range: ewes on range and lambs on drylot - University of Idaho
[PDF] Sheep-range: ewes on range and lambs on pasture - University of Idaho
[EXCEL] Sheep seedstock budget by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Sheep, spring lambing, feeder lambs - Virginia Tech | EXCEL
[PDF] Sheep, spring lambing, raise replacements - Virginia Tech | EXCEL
[PDF] Sheep, winter lambing - Virginia Tech | EXCEL

Farm business management

Center for Farm Financial Management @ University of Minnesota
Farm business management for the 21st century @ Purdue University
[PDF] Farm management tools for the small acreage producer - Univ. Idaho
Web resources for farm business management @ NC State University

Feasibility studies

[PDF] Economics of meat goat production for small scale producers...
[PDF] Feasibility of goat production in West Virginia
[PDF] Feasibility report: goat meat marketing in the Pacific Northwest
[PDF] Feasibility study of operating a sheep dairy in Central Iowa

Feed costs

[EXCEL] Comparison of feed costs by Susan Schoenian
Coping with high feed costs by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Coping with high priced corn - South Dakota State University
Dealing with high hay prices - Purdue University
[PDF] Reducing feed costs - Navajo Sheep Project

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