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"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

George Washington Carver

Bacterial diseases

Bacteria are microorganisms that can cause infection. They are the cause of many diseases in sheep and goats. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically by disease: anthrax, arthritis, brucellosis, caseous lymphadenitis (CL), clostridial diseases, contagious agalactia, e. coli scours, enterotoxemia, general, Johne's disease, listeriosis, (bacterial) meningitis, mycoplasmas, pinkeye, (bacterial) pneumonia, Q fever, and tetanus.


Go to Reproductive Problems Page.


Anthrax - North Dakota State University
Anthrax - Western Australia
Anthrax - World Health Organisation (WHO)
[PDF] Anthrax: general information and vaccination - USDA APHIS
Anthrax in animals - Victoria, Australia
Backgrounder: anthrax - AVMA
Goat anthrax - eXtension
What is anthrax and what causes it? - GoatWorld


Arthritis - GoatWisdom
[PDF] Arthritis - National Goat Handbook (scroll down menu)
[PDF] Bacterial arthritis in lambs - NSW, Australia
Arthritis in sheep - Flock & Herd Case Notes
[PDF] Erysipelas arthritis in sheep - Pfizer Animal Health
Septic arthritis - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Sheep arthritis - Western Australia
Suppurative arthritis in sheep - Queensland, Australia


[PPT] Brucellosis - Iowa State University
[PDF] Brucellosis - Iowa State University
Brucellosis in sheep - Merck Veterinary Manual
Brucellosis in sheep - Tasmania, Australia
[PDF] Caprine and ovine brucellosis - World Org. for Animal Health
Epididymitis -> go to Reproductive Problems page
Managing ovine brucellosis to maximise ram fertility - Queensland, Australia
Ovine brucellosis - NSW, Australia | PDF
Ovine brucellosis - Victoria, Australia | PDF
[PDF] Ovine brucellosis - Western Australia
Ovine brucellosis in Alberta

Caseous lymphadenitis
(CL, cheesy gland, boils)

Caseous lymphadenitis - GoatWorld
[PDF] Caseous lymphadentitis - LSU Ag Center
Caseous lymphadenitis - Onion Creek Ranch
Caseous lymphadenitis - Organic Vet
[PDF] Caseous lymphadenitis - Pipestone Vet Clinic
[PDF] Caseous lymphadenitis - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Caseous lymphadenitis and pinkeye - National Goat Handbook
[PDF] Caseous lymphadenitis FAQs - Pfizer Animal Health
[PDF] CL: what to do after diagnosis is confirmed - UC Davis
[PDF] Caseous lymphadenitis, cheesy gland, etc. - Navajo Sheep Project
Caseous lymphadenitis: contagious abscesses - Ohio Sheep Team
Caseous lymphadenitis: emerging problem - Moredun Foundation
Caseous lymphadenitis in goats and sheep - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
Caseous lymphadenitis - Colorado Serum Company
Caseous lymphadenitis in sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
Caseous lymphadenitis in sheep and goats - Kansas State University
Caseous lymphadenitis in sheep and goats - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Caseous lymphadenitis in small ruminants - University of Arkansas
Caseous lymphadenitis: is it a problem in your flock or herd? - NDSU
CL: what is it and how is it treated? -
Caseous lymphadenitis: managing with formalin - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Cheesy gland in sheep and goats - Western Australia
Goat health: caseous lymphadenitis (cheesy gland) - NSW, Australia | PDF
Use of an autogenous vaccine in the tx of CL in goats (

Clostridial diseases (other)

[PDF] Black diseases FAQs - Pfizer Animal Health
Blackleg - C.A.H.L.
Blackleg - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Blackleg and malignant edema control - University of Arizona
[PDF] Blackleg and other clostridial diseases - Univ. Arkansas
[PDF] Botulism - DAFF South Africa
Botulism - Merck Veterinary Manual
Botulism on the farm - Tasmania, Australia
[PDF] Botulism poisoning in cattle in the Northern Territory
[PDF] Clostridial diseases - Iowa Beef Center
[PDF] Clostridial diseases - Meat Promotion Wales
Clostridial diseases - Organic Vet
[PDF] Clostridial diseases - Republic of South Africa
[PDF] Clostridial diseases of cattle and sheep - N. Ireland
[PDF] Clostridial diseases of livestock - Victoria, Australia
Clostidial diseases of livestock - Out West Mfg.
[PDF] Clostridial diseases of small ruminants: a review - Vet. Res.
Clostridal Enteric Disease Unit @ University of Arizona
Malignant edema - Merck Veterinary Manual

Contagious agalactia

Agalactia in sheep and goats - GoatConnection
[PDF] Contagious agalactia - Iowa State University
[PDF] Contagious agalactia - World Organisation for Animal Health
Contagious agalactia and other mycoplasmal masticides
[PDF] Contagious agalactia by Mycoplasma agalactiae . . . - Braz. J. Micro
[PDF] Contagious agalactia of sheep and goats: a review
[PDF] Contagious agalactia of sheep and goats - Public Health Info.

E. coli scours (watery mouth)

Go to lamb and kid diseases page.


[PDF] Clostridium perfringins in animal disease: a review - Can Vet J
Clostridium perfringins in domestic farm animals - Colorado Serum Company
Clostridium perfringins type C enteritis - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Determination of clostridium perfringins toxin-types...
[PDF] Diagnosis of Clostridium Perfringins Infections... J. Vet. Diag. Invest.
Enterotoxemia - GoatWorld
Enterotoxemia - Jack & Anita Maudlin's Boer Goats
Enterotoxemia - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Enterotoxemia - Pipestone Vet Clinic
[PDF] Enterotoxemia - National Goat Handbook (scroll down menu)
Enterotoxemia, clostridial diseases of the stomach and small int.
Enterotoxemia caused by clostridium perfringins types B and C - Merck
[PDF] Enterotoxemia in an 18 month old goat - J Venom Anim Toxins
Enterotoxemia in kids and adults - Kinne's Mini's
[PDF] Enterotoxemia in lambs - University of Nebraska
Enterotoxemia in sheep and goats - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
[PDF] Enterotoxemia (overeating disease) of Lambs - Iowa State University
Enterotoxemia of sheep and goats - Colo. St. Univ. | PDF
Enterotoxemia or pulpy kidney - Goat dairying for income
Enterotoxemia (pulpy kidney) - ACGA Goat Notes
Lamb dysentery - Prondil Lab Biotech
[PDF] Overeating disease - Pipestone Vet Clinic
[PDF] Preventing overeating disease in lambs
[PDF] Prevention of lamb dystentery
Pulpy kidney - Ag Res Council, South Africa
[PDF] Pulpy kidney disease FAQs - Pfizer Animal Health
Pulpy kidney in sheep and goats - Manitoba, Canada
Pulpy kidney in sheep and goats - Queensland, Australia
Type D enterotoxemia - Merck Veterinary Manual

Footrot and scald

Go to Hoof care page.


Bacterial diseases of sheep - Molecular Diag Services
[PDF] Control of animal diseases caused by bacteria: principles...
Introduction: Bacterial diseases - Merck

Johne's Disease (paratuberculosis)

Diagnostic tests for Ovine Johne's Disease - Victoria, Australia
[PDF] Ewe:lamb transmission ovine johne's disease - MLA
International Assocation for Paratuberculosis
Johne's disease - Animal Health Australia
Johne's disease - Australian Cashmere Goat Association
Johne's disease - Alberta, Canada
[PDF] Johne's disease - National Goat Handbook (scroll down menu)
Johne's disease - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Johne's disease - Republic of South Africa
Johne's disease in sheep - Moredun Foundation
Johne's disease in sheep - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Johne's disease in sheep - USDA APHIS
Johne's disease in sheep and goats - GoatWorld
Johne's disease in sheep and goats - Ohio State University
Johne's Disease Integrated Programs (JDIP)
[PDF] Johne's disease of sheep and goats - Manitoba, Canada
[PDF] Johne's Disease Q & A for Goat Owners new link
[PDF] Johne's Disease Q & A for Sheep Owners new link
Johne's Information Center @ University of Wisconsin recommended
Johne's Information Central recommended
Johne's disease or paratuberculosis - University of Missouri
[PPT] Johne's disease: should I be concerned - Penn State University
Ovine Johne's disease - Meat & Livestock Australia
Ovine Johne's disease - NSW, Australia
Ovine Johne's disease - Tasmania, Australia
Ovine Johne's disease in sheep - Western Australia
Vaccination against Johne's disease in sheep - Cornell University
What is OJD? - Victoria, Australia
Why control Ovine Johne's disease? - Victoria, Australia

Joint ill

Go to Lamb and Kid disease page.

Listeriosis (circling disease)

Discussion of listeriosis (Penn State) - GoatConnection
Encephalitic listeriosis in goats - Purdue University
Goat polio or listeriosis? - Onion Creek Ranch
Goat listeriosis or circling disease - Devon Fine Fibres
[PDF] Listeriosis - Large Animal Veterinary Rounds
Listeriosis - Merck Veterinary Manual
Listeriosis - Organic Vet
Nervous disease in sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
Listeriosis - Purdue University class project
Listeriosis caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes
Listeriosis (circling disease) - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
Listeriosis SOP - Cornell University


Go to mastitis page.

(Bacterial) meningitis

Meningitis and encephalitits - Merck Veterinary Manual


Diseases caused by mycoplasma - Smallstock in Development
[PDF] Mycoplasma infection in a commercial dairy goat herd
[PDF] Mycoplasmas of goats and sheep - J. Vet. Diag. Invest.


Diagnosing and treating pinkeye - GoatWorld
Eye diseases in sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
Infectious keratoconjunctivitis (pink eye) by Susan Schoenian
Infectious keratoconjunctivitis - Merck Veterinary Manual
Keratoconjunctivitis - Organic Vet
Pinkeye - Evening Star Farm
Pinkeye - GoodGoats
[PDF] Pinkeye - Smithton Vet Service
Pinkeye in goats - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
Pinkeye in goats - Onion Creek Ranch
Pinkeye in sheep - Daneke Club Lambs
Pinkeye SOP - Cornell University
Treating pinkeye in goats - Bar None Meat Goats


Aspiration pneumonia - Merck Veterinary Manual
Bacterial pneumonia in goats - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
Breakout from pneumonia outbreaks - Washington State University
Diseases of the respiratory system ... - University of Wyoming
Diseases of the respiratory system - VEIN
[PDF] Lamb pneumonia - Navajo Sheep Project
[PDF] Pasteurella vaccination of ewes - Iowa State University
Pasteurellosis - Organic Vet
[PDF] Pneumonia - Iowa State University
Pneumonia in goats - National Pygmy Goat Association
Pneumonia in goats - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Pneumonia in sheep - Beef + Sheep New Zealand
Pneumonia in sheep - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Pneumonia in sheep and goats - Colorado Vet Extension
The most common causes of pneumonia ... - King Faisal University
[PDF] Respiratory disease - Pipestone Vet Clinic
Respiratory disease in adult and yearling sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
[PDF] Respiratory diseases in goats and sheep - DAFF S.A.
[PDF] Respiratory disease of sheep and goats - Manitoba, Canada
Respiratory diseases of sheep and goats: an intro - Merck Veterinary Manual
[PDF] Respiratory tract diseases - National Goat Handbook (scroll down menu)

Q fever

[PDF] Ovine abortion due to Coxiella burnetii infection - J Vet Diag Invest.
Q fever - Merck Veterinary Manual
Q fever - Ontario, Canada
[PDF, FLYER] Q fever - World Organisation for Animal Health
Q fever backgrounder - AVMA
Q fever in an Indiana goat herd - Animal Disease Diagostic Lab
[PDF] Q fever information for farmers
[PDF] Q fever in goats - Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
[PDF] Q fever in goats, sheep, and people - University of Wyoming
A sample of Q fever information -


[PDF] Goat health: tetanus - NSW, Australia
Tetanus - Merck Veterinary Manual
Tetanus - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Tetanus - Pipestone Vet Clinic
Tetanus - Queensland, Australia
[PDF] Tetanus disease information - Novartis
[PDF] Tetanus FAQs - Pfizer Animal Health
Tetanus in farm animals - Colorado Serum Company
Tetanus in sheep and goats - Queensland, Australia
Tetanus questions - Out West Mfg. | tetanus info page
[PDF] Tetanus vaccination tips - Champaign Co. Goat Council

Goat with abscess
Abscesses can be caused by different types of bacteria.