Products Used to Enhance Reproductive Performance of Livestock

Most of these drugs are not approved for use in sheep and goats.  The mention of non-approved products is for informational purposes only. Drugs used to enhance reproductive performance in sheep and goats do not qualify for extra-label drug use.

Trade Name Drug Ingredient Approved Species Labeled Use Labeled Dosage Withdrawal Time
Eazi-Breed™ CIDR© Insert for sheep and goats Pregesterone Sheep and goats
Not approved in U.S.
Synchronizing estus
Inducing estrus in non-cycling females
Administer CIDR insert
for 12 to 14 days
P.G. 600® Chorionic Gonadotropin
Serum Gonadotropin
Swine Induction of fertile estrus (heat) in healthy prepuberal (non-cycling) gilts 5 ml SQ
Lutalyse® Sterile Solution
Dinoprost Tromethamine
To control timing of estrus and ovulation in estrous cycling cattle that have a corpus luteum.
Terminates pregnancy
5 ml IM twice at 10 to 12 day interval
MGA® Melengestrol acetate Feed lot cattle For increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiency, and suppression of estrus. 0.25 to 0.5 mg/head/day Cattle: 0 days slaughter
oxytocin Cattle
Uterine contractor
1.5 to 2.5 ml per ewe
repeat as necessary
Follicle stimulating hormone Cattle For induction or superovulation in cows 12.5 units twice per day for 3 days Cattle: 0 days slaughter

Flurogestone acetate-impregnated vaginal sponge
Sheep, excluding ewes never lambed For synchronizing estrus/ovulation in cycling adult ewes during their normal breeding season.
insert sponge into ewe's vagina 13 days before desired start of breeding.
Sheep: 30 days slaughter


Estradiol Valerate
Cattle For synchronization of estrus/ovulation in cycling beef cattle and non-lactating dairy heifers.
Remove implant after day 10

Source:  Product labels and FDA Approved Animal Drug Products Online Database System @

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